Plexiglass on Arcade Stick

Hello there,

I have an arcade stick that has a plexiglass on it. When use the stick, the bottom edge of the plexiglass bothers my wrist. Is there a solution to this, or do I just have to tough it out?


What stick are you using and who or where you got your plexy from?

  1. You could round off the edges of the plexy with some very careful sanding, just enough to round that edge off. Careful not to scrach the top of the plexy. I sugest using steel wool.
  2. Get a thinner plexy
  3. Man it up and develop Epic Calluses.

Bought the stick from someone, but it’s the EVO2011 Plexi. I suppose I could try sanding it a bit to be bearable. If not, I’ll give the epic calluses a shot. Thanks for the reply!

mask the top off with masking tape first