Plexiglass question

so my plexiglass just came in yesterday and tell me how i already cracked it. god damn friday the 13th. anyways its not that big of a crack but still i havent even gotten it for a whole 24 hours yet. :crybaby: i was just wondering though if theres anyway to repair it or would i just be better off ordering a new one?

another question too. the reason how i cracked it was because i put the plexiglass on but then decided i wanted to add in the rest of my 8 buttons but as i was trying to pop out the sanwa snap-ins 30mm i guess i didnt hold the plexiglass to the panel hard enough and the little clip on the sanwa wasnt pushed in enough and i was trying to push out and then it just got cracked. here are some pictures. i just want to know, is that why people use seimitsus? cause they can just easily be screwed on and no hassle and worry about popping anything out.

There are also sanwa screw-ins that you can use with the plexi. It is possible to remove the snap ins without issue, but you have to be very delicate in your removal.

Sadly, about all you can do is order a new one if the crack is big enough to bother you.