Plexiglass top ( no screw)

In the process of building my box. I wonder what is the thickness of plexiglass i should use if my button are OBSN-30 threaded. I want no screw!

Now what is available is 1/16’’ and 1/8’’. what people usually choose ?


1/8! well you won’t be screwing on the top plexi if you use screw in sanwas and seimitsu.

Thanks yuppy. I know this was maybe a silly question but i needed an answer since im workin on my box and dont have the plexi now.

so if using screw down buttons – no other top panel securing (screwing) needed?

if i order snap in buttons, then would i have to screw down top panel?

what are the benefits between snap and screw down buttons?

snap-ins from sanwa come in more colors. Other than that i think the feel is pretty much the same. screw ins for full custom boxes are the way i like to go, you dont need screws in the top plexi, and you dont have any real risk of them turning if your sizing is a little loose.

You have no choice but screw ins if you want clear buttons from Seimitsu as well. (PS-14-KN)

I’m trying to figure out a good way to use some dark hai Sanwa snap ins without having to have visible screws in my plexi. Ideas would be great!

the only way i could see to do it would be to maybe cut a metal plate for under the plexi where the buttns would go, and secure that to the rest of your top board (perhaps the entire top plate out of metal, thats your call there). From there, the snap-ins may hold tight enough to keep the plexi from pulling away from the top plate. Keep in mind the overall thickness of the plexi + metal would need to be the correct size for snap ins to hold, preferrably very snug.

Thats just one idea, there are probably more elegant solutions.

May end up with something like lami label art over metal plate, skipping the plexi all together.

You will have to use 2mm plexi otherwise the button won’t snap into place. Have a look at my latest stick, it should answer all your questions.