Plink ultra, possible?

Been trying cr.HP > HK leg xx MK > Ultra 1

Think if it’s possible to plink the ultra 1, since it’s pretty much 0 frame, if it’s possible to plink then it would be much easier to combo it off. I am trying 3p + 3k plink, but donno if it’s working or not

I used to plink 3k with fierce for that link, but…then I found out people frown upon using macros, so I stopped using those buttons altogether. I had to learn some actual piano techniques to do some of the EX legs combo’s that I originally learned by sliding to the 3k button too. So I don’t bother trying that particular link in actual play anymore. I can land it with just raw timing maybe 40% in training, but I don’t find it a necessity for actual play.

To answer your question though, yes, it is possible.

It is fun for style in a mess around or against someone you know you’re not gonna lose too but damage and risk wise its not really worth it, there are more effective ways to use her Ultra lol

Also its a 1 frame link same as her loop or cr.RH

Oh yeah you can plink it but its best to play with taunt turned off if you’re going to use it a lot :slight_smile: