Plinking and bnb question

Hi guys, after trying to learn to plink and failing, I have a few questions.

If I want to do st. Lp to hp

Do I press. Lp, then hp followed by lp, but the hp to lp is done as fast as possible?

What inputs should be shown ? Lp , hp lp, hp ?

Final question, what is the best way to incorporate hp gekiro into a bnb?

Thanks everyone

ehmm, technically to my knowledge you ant plink lp to hp, you have to plink with a lower value input for plink to work eg, HP to MP, MP to LP, HK to LK
,because of priority if you press hp and mp together hp will come out and the input should show hp, hp mp. It takes practice just keep at it

HP gekiro only hits some characters so its not that reliable, I know it hits dudley but i dont know the rest, use lk gekiro to be safe

inputs in training mode would be


i personally use MP to plink HP, but you can do as you like

i think you can find many tutorials on youtube

target combo xx HK gekiro works on (theres a full list) makoto, dudley, cody, guy, hakan, zangief, thawk, seth, cammy sagat i think, check the list, or try it by yourself in training mode

or you can use HP xx HK gek straight away, works on most characters i think… but i don’t really use it