Plinking & double-tapping - only for fight sticks?

I don’t have a fight stick at the moment, I’ve only got my mad catz fightpad to go on, but is it practical/possible to plink and double-tap on a pad? Or is it that pad players just have to have a better sense of timing, perhaps making them more skilled in execution sense? Does anyone know what if any techniques Wolfkrone uses?

It’s definitely possible for you to plink/double tap on a pad, but I wouldn’t do it at the cost of awkwardness. If it doesn’t feel right, just don’t do it.

I don’t necessarily think it feeling awkward should be a reason not to do it, the first time you ever did QCF or DP motions it felt awkward but you got used to it. Practice it on your pad and try and get comfortable with it. I don’t think you need to have any supernatural ability whatsoever to perform it, you just need to put the time in to practice it and perfect it for yourself.

I never used plinking or double tapping, but since i completed 99.7% of ssf4 trials, i dont think i need it… o.o

Ok, but it’s not commonly done by pad players right? I mean, it feels a bit awkward to hold the D-pad normally and then have my right hand in what is essentially reserved for fight sticks. I think the buttons are a bit too close together. I think the only/best pad for doing this would be PDPs fightpad which is actually designed for what I described. But anyway, I just wanted to know if pad players usually encompass these techniques or not. I aim to get a stick soon enough.

I use xbox 360 controller, and never use plinking / double tapping… o.O

In some SF versions, you can reduce the recovery of a hadouken by kara-canceling a Jab or Short into it. This involves something very similar to PLinking, which is pressing a punch button immediately after inputting a jab or short. It was fairly easy to do on SNES-like pads if you used the right thumb to hit two buttons in succession, or the thumb and then the top buttons (L and R in that controller). It is also easy on pads with all face buttons, if you hold it appropriately - which is using three fingers for the top buttons, not the thumb.

Watch Vesper Arcades pad trails, look at what he does with his pad, he double taps and plinks.

Thanks krazhy! That is an EXCELLENT idea, just what I wanted to see.