Plinking + Double Tapping?


Alright, so I have a question concerning combining Plinking and Pseudo-Double Tapping (since it’s not technically double tapping).
Let’s say I wanted to do a one-frame link that ended with fierce punch. If I map my 3P button to fierce punch and piano the inputs from what used to be 3P all the way down to MP, would I now have THREE frames to hit my one frame link?




No, because the game reads button presses and ON/OFF switches. When a button is pressed, it cannot be pressed again until it is released.

Theoretically, if you had two fierce punch buttons and you plinked them, your first fierce button is not yet released when you hit the second fierce button, so the second fierce will not register at all. You would end up getting:

If you release the first fierce button before hitting the second fierce, the game would read it as: Tap, Release, Tap. There is now a one-frame hole in your inputs, thus defeating the purpose of the plink. Plus, it would require ridiculous precision to do anyway.


So I guess if I used the slide method, then that’d defeat the purpose of the plink also since I wouldn’t be able to get the MP + HP to show up?


Exactly! Any time you have to release the first button before pressing the second, you will always have gaps between inputs. Slide method is great if you want to link a Super because pressing the button and releasing the button can trigger specials and supers. Unfortunately, the situations where you would use that are few and far between. Off the top of my head, Chun-Li’s Hazanshu into Super or Dhalsim’s c.HP into Super.

The only way to get a TRUE double input with no gaps in between is to plink, since the MP serves as your second HP without having to release the first HP to get it.


Alright thanks man. I was going to delete this thread, but I can leave it here in case anyone comes up with the same question later and actually decides to do a search for it.