Plinking extra help

alright ive been playing sf4 since vanilla and ive been using boxer perfectly well. his combos arent too difficult and dont need plinking, except for standing jab to sweep. now im picking up yun and im doing his bnb (cr short cr short st jab st strong xx whatever) and the strong comes out 6/10 times. im in training mode now trying to do this until i get it 10/10 times but with plinking i can never seem to do it correctly. i know how to plink but i must be doing it wrong. i press strong and press jab right afterwards. sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. how can i plink more efficiently?

Practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, while anyone can learn and understand plinking, it takes a lot of work to be able to use it perfectly, especially under pressure. It will take work but 6/10 isn’t bad. I honestly don’t plink, but I’m not that great yet. Just remember that plinking in itself needs correct timing, so you have to correctly time the plink in the combo and perform the plink, which is two things you have to concentrate your timing to learn.

Hope that helps some.

If you can do a combo 10/10 without plinking, then don’t plink :slight_smile: plinking only gives you an extra chance to hit a combo, it doesn’t relieve you from the burden of practice. The hand motion is different when you plink, so it makes sense that if you’ve practiced how to do a combo without plinking you will have to relearn it if you want to make use of plinking.

I usually don’t bother with plinks on 2-framers or fast 1-frame links but for something “slow” like Ryu’s f.hp to c.hp I think you have so much time to position your hand for a plink it’s rather silly not to do it.

And plinking is pretty safe… even fi you miss the plink it doesn’t necessarily screw up the whole combo. I keep wanting to learn how to double-tap too but it messes up my execution so badly I get discouraged and stop trying :stuck_out_tongue: I honestly am so bad at it I can’t even land Rog’s bnb if I try to double-tap the hits. Maybe I just don’t get how double-tapping works.

If you already understand what’s going on when you p-link, then really you only need to find a comfortable rhythm for it.

Just find the proper timing and practise it with inputs on until you get the proper p-link inputs to show. If you p-link HP with MP for example it looks like this:


A good drill for practising it is to set the stun in training mode to ‘normal’, and then practise the combo using plinking until you stun them, at which point the stun number will increase so it takes more hits to stun them. Keep going until you reach 9,999 stun as the limit.

It’s a long winded but very effective drill.


Plinking is actually not necessary. Does not turn you into a combo master for that matter. You have eventually have to learn the timing of the combos after all.

Dj Antman, I love how you’re posting that VesperArcade tutorial vid all over the Saikyo dojo. SRK should sponsor Vesper and have the whole tutorial series posted first thing on these newbie forums; they were (and still are) so enormously helpful. :slight_smile:

It’s just like others have already stated before here. While PLinking is a great asset, it isn’t a means to everything. Some combos are simple enough in terms of links, that it doesn’t really require PLinking.

At the same time, the timing for PLinking is different slightly from then how the combo was supposed to be performed. Keep in mind that you have to press the PLinker (2nd button) within 1-frame of pressing the 1st button. Practice is key when it comes to PLinking. With dedicated training, you should be able to get your rhythm down with PLinking in a couple of days to a week.

Also, after you feel comfortable enough with PLinking in training mode, you should make it your obligation to use it in actual matches. This will get your jitters off of you. After that, it’s really up to your skill. I’m sure you’ll do fine