Plinking FTW!!!




So I took it upon myself the other day to practice maximising Ken’s damage output when I’m landing combos.

I was already experimenting with plinking to help me land Ken’s, cr.lp, cr.hp xx SPECIAL

I was plinking it like this:, cr.lp, cr.hp~mp xx SPECIAL

I’m not the best when it comes to execution and I reckon that even after an hour or so of practice, I would nail the combo 60-80% of the time. So, with that in mind, I wasn’t really comfortable with using it in an online match.

Now, during my time away from SSF4 while I was playing Halo Reach, I had time to think about some different techniques and I came up with a “fuller” plink idea, which was:, cr.lp, cr.hp~mp~lp.

So here are the benefits of this technique.

If you get the cr.hp bang on, you get the correct combo.
If you hit it 1 frame early, you get the correct combo.
If you hit it 2 frames too early, you get a linked cr.lp which can be cancelled any way.
If you hit it 3 or 4 frames too early, you get a chained cr.lp allowing you to still link a fierce DP anyway!!!

So with this technique, you turn Ken’s 1 frame cr.lp, cr.hp link into a 4 frame “option combo”.

Using this technique, I would say that I drop the combo maybe only 10% of the time. I tend to get the following outcomes:, cr.lp, cr.hp xx fierce DP 60-70% of the time, cr.lp, cr.lp (linked) xx fierce DP 10-20% of the time, cr.lp, cr.lp (chained), fierce DP 10% of the time.

Since discovering this, I’ve been going for this combo on EVERY hit confirmed, cr.lp set-up.

I think this could be the way to take Ken to the next level.





Dunno if you have seen this? same concept



yeah this is a fairly old concept


I think that this is fantastic input, and I really appreciate you posting this here.

I don’t really understand how to use p~linking; granted its probably because I’m using a fight pad. I’ve spent countless hours getting the hang of c.lp, c.hp. I say that I get my full combo 90%+ of the time… but if there is a solid method to turn that other 10% into more of an aggressive edge, then I’m going to have to strongly consider playing claw style.


kinda late but glad you found something that help your execution but duble plinkng has been around for awhile now


IMO it’s easier to just learn the combo the correct way


I had seen the video mentioned above, but never really thought about it’s applications with Ken.

I also disagree with one of the fundamental concepts in the video (plinking throw techs is just down right pointless and does not work.) and so I was fairly sure that it had probably been disregarded by most top players and/or overlooked by people who played different characters.


To the chap who said it’s easier to just learn the combo correctly, you are missing the whole point of plinking.

Of course I am “trying” to do the combo correctly, but by p-linking, I’m giving myself a fail safe for that time when you mistime it slightly or a game is laggy or whatever. I always aim to hit the cr.hp clean and I’m also always trying to improve my execution, but I don’t want to throw away my momentum every time I miss the link.

My point is, I thought that this would allow us Ken users to score a clean 300 damage and 450 stun off every hit confirmed, cr.lp.

I watch a lot of Ken vids online and the only Ken that “regularly” maximises his damage output on EVERY combo IMHO is playerjun52.

Now I know that, cr.lp, cr.hp is character specific, so it’s not like I’m saying that this technique is an instant win button, but I think that if you’ve scored an untechable knockdown and you are going for an ambiguous jump in, you SHOULD be looking to land the full combo.

To put it into perspective:

Jump in FP,, cr.lp, cr.hp XX ex tatsu = 310 damage and 550 stun.

If you include the damage and stun from the throw and then landed a after the ex tatsu, you could repeat the same combo for a dizzy.

So, in theory, if you maximise your damage on EVERY, cr.lp hit confirm, Ken only needs 1 throw, 1 wrong guess on the jump in and someone to misstime the subsequent throw tech after an ex tatsu and he has any character dizzy with nigh on 900 damage dealt.

Just my 2 cents right now,




damn i didnt know the combo does that much stun. but ima test it out tonigh



Here are the exact damage and stuns:

Jump in FP,, cr.lp, cr.hp xx fierce DP = 298 damage, 550 stun.

Jump in FP,, cr.lp, cr.hp xx ex tatsu = 310 damage, 550 stun.

Jump in FP,, cr.lp, cr.hp xx ex DP = 322 damage, 570(?) stun. (This is Ken’s most damaging hit confirm combo).

These next few are just approximates (this is from memory only)…, cr.lp, cr.hp xx ex tatsu = 242 damage, 400 stun., cr.lp, cr.hp xx fierce DP = 228 damage, 400 stun., cr.lp, cr.hp xx ex DP = 254 damage, 430(?) stun

So here’s how I see it:

Ken scores a throw, stun = 80
Ken lands an ambiguous jump in FP and does the above ex tatsu combo, stun = 630
Ken scores the follow up and completes the above ex tatsu combo, DIZZY!!!

With a max punish combo on the dizzied opponent, your looking at the best part of 900 damage using only 2 bars.

Ken is a powerhouse!!!



but by the time it takes to get those two EX bars you have probably taken off a hefty chunk of your opponents life



Maybe not.

I’m not sure what your point is…




are these chracter specific?


No, and yes.

The only thing that is character specific is that on a few of the cast, cr.hp will push them so far back, that the last bit of the combo will not get all it’s hits.

As far as I’m aware, you can land, cr.lp, cr.hp on every member of the cast.

The characters that I can remember off the top of my head are:

Viper - If you finish the combo with a DP, the second hit whiffs thus reducing damage.

Sagat - Unbelievably, he also has a wonky hit box and avoids the second hit too.

Blanka - Sometimes the cr.hp will whiff on a crouching Blanka.

In general, I think that the full combo will hit almost all the cast if spaced correctly (after a throw, ambig. jump fierce is ideal).

I spent all day yesterday just practicing this in actual battles and got a S**T load of dizzies on people. Highlight of the day was a third round against a Fei Long (1050 stun rating).

I had 3 bars stocked from the previous round.
He empty jumped forward, well out of DP range.
I stepped back then forward and Kara Threw him on his landing.
I did an ambiguous Jump in FP, landing it as a normal jump in.
I combo’ed with, cr.lp, cr.hp xx ex tatsu.
He attempted to crouch tech the follow-up.
This meant I landed my
I continued my combo with cr.lp, cr.hp xx ex DP.
He was stunned (1050 stun exactly from this sequence!!).
I punished the stun with Jump in FP, clst.rh xx ex tatsu.

8 seconds in and he has 140 health left. It made my day…

My point here is that after the throw, this Fei only really made 1 bad guess. Going for a crouch tech after the ex tatsu was probably the safest thing he could have done, but it still got him dizzied!!!

I also had a similar run against an Ibuki where the p-link saved the sequence (I went for the cr.hp xx fierce DP but got a light punch which I then linked the DP to instaed of cancelling the cr.hp as intended).

Good times…



damn im bout to got to trainng mode to practice that. i gotta get my ken game up


now i just need help on the cross up jump in fp. can it be done on all cast the same way or different ways


The spacing and timing is slightly different on all the characters.

But you don’t really want to land the jump in fierce as a cross-up, you want to land it as a normal jump in to the front.

Just space yourself so that it LOOKS like your going for the cross-up.

This is the true strength of Kens jump in FP, you can activate it early and kinda stop yourself from crossing over, whereas if you had used any other jumping attack, you would have hit them as a cross-up.

Practice the spacing so that you can step back the same distance every time, but depending on what attack you use and if you jump slightly earlier, you should be able to alter the outcome of your jump attack.

The only time I step back far enough to make it obvious I’m going for the normal attack is when I’m thinking about crossing up with an air tatsu OR setting up a safe jump with some form of option select technique.

Let me know how you get on.




Alrighty, because everyone who comes to the Ken boards asks… and because I still don’t know.

How do you physically piano link?

Are there differences on controllers, pads, sticks?

This thread answers a lot of questions.


Priority Linking (or p-linking or plinking).

This is the act of pressing multiple buttons 1 frame apart in order to “duplicate” a button press across 2 consecutive frames.

This act of pressing buttons so fast is much easier on a stick but it is not impossible on a pad.

In SSF4, it is physically impossible to press a single button fast enough to have it register on 2 consecutive frames. The way that the coding works is like this:

Frame 1 - You depress the button.
Frame 2 - You release the button, but the code sees it as still depressed.
Frame 3 - The code registers the button as released.

This is why even putting a button onto “turbo” will not allow you to consistently hit 1 frame links as you are basically getting an input to register on every other frame rather than on 2 consecutive frames.


If you were to press 1 button, lets say fierce punch, then, 1 frame later, press any other button (lets say medium punch), the coding will see it as this: (Note: the top input is the first input. In the training room, this would appear the other way around)


So although you only pressed fierce punch once, the code repeats it as you press the medium punch. I would assume that this was implemented to make it easier and more leniant when trying to do ex moves and throws etc.

Now, if you press more than one button at a time, you will get the stronger attack of the 2 as a result (Kicks outprioritise punches of the same strength).

So pressing medium punch and hard punch together will always result in a hard punch. So we can use the above example as a way of inputting hard punch on 2 consecutive frames.

Hopefully, with this info, my first post should make more sense now.

(This isn’t aimed at you Curaga, I’m saying this for the benefit of anyone who is struggling with the thread in general!!!).




I don’t understand how you can piano a link but this is pianoing at 1:02.