Plinking Guile

I’ve been practicing with Guile for about 3 days now and I’m having some major issues with him. First off I have his plinking LP>LP>MP down. Its just the follow up Flash Kick at the end that I’m having MAJOR issues landing. The combo I’m describing is a 4 hit basic combo and can be a 5 hit combo if you jump in with a MK>LP>LP>MP>Flash Kick. The ending Flash Kick usually doesnt come out AT ALL or ends up being blocked by the opponent even when plinked out. I know my timing’s not off and I know I’m plinking correctly because I see the inputs. I should mention that my Flash Kick’s are being down by doing chargeV ^Flash Kick. I know that some Flash Kick’s can be done by holding diagonal down, quarter circle up. Please someone tell me what I’m doing wrong or point in the direction of who can show me what I’m doing wrong. I also should mention that I tried double plinking with a medium Flash Kick and it still won’t come out! The full combo’s I’m trying are:

1.LP>LP>PLINK MPLP>downup MK (Flash Kick)
2.LP>LP>PLINK MPLP>downup SKMK(Flash Kick or EX Flash Kick):mad:

… ?
The flashkick is an easy cancel out of crouching medium punch. It sounds like you’re just doing it too slowly. The one thing that should never be happening is the opponent blocking FK if the crouching medium punch connected. The only time the FK is ever blocked is if you screwed up the c.lp> link so the cancel into FK doesn’t connect. As far as motion is concerned, any down direction to any up direction is fine. Obviously Down-Back to Up-Back is preferred if you want to retain back-charge for FADC U2 or Down-Back to Up-Forward is good if you want to an easy cancel into super.

Are you trying to hit confirm into FK? Like visually confirm that the MP connected before executing the FK? Because as far as I’m concerned that’s basically impossible unless you’re godlike. I dunno about other Guile players but for me if I want a FK combo ender, I’m basically commited to the motion regardless of whether c.lp-> linked properly or not because there’s no time to confirm it. Which is why I pretty much never ever do c.lp-> xx FK because I have no confidence in hitting that link and the risk of whiffing FK is too great. Do a Sonic Boom instead -.-

Or maybe I’m just the worst Guile ever? Anyone else gdlke enough to confirm their mp hit before inputting FK?

Maybe I am doing it a little slowly. I’ll have to attempt it again tomorrow to find out. I know for a fact I haven’t tried to do it REALLY fast. I know that if I do do it kind of fast Guile just jumps up with no Flash Kick at all (maybe because I haven’t worked up enough charge?). Personally I find it pretty easy to confirm the MP in the combo because the TWO Crouching LP’s let me know if I’m going to be able to plink into MP any further. Basically what I’m saying is I know if the opponent is blocking or not. I mostly just want to learn the combo for punishing options. I would like to keep pressure by doing a Sonic Boom, like you said, instead of a Flash Kick in the combo but then again Guile is very new to me. As far as FADCing with Guile I’m no were near that level with him yet. I want to completely master his execution combo’s and these are the ones I’m having trouble with the most. If you have any more advice please feel free to let me in on anything you might know. I really want to main Guile and be decent with him. I appreciate the comment’s so far. By the way I’m gonna drop a link to show you exactly what combo I’m talking about.

The combo is at exactly 0:56-0:58 minus the FADC into U1. You can clearly see that he is plinking on the input commands. Take a look.
[media=youtube]v9oydeBNNJc]YouTube - ACE E I IRIN [Guile] Vs Ice0Age r [Boxer[/media]

When I refer to confirming into the FK I meant confirming that the medium punch linked and connected AND THEN deciding to execute the FK. Basically confirming whether you dropped the link or not before you do a super unsafe special which will get blocked if you messed up. Honestly it’s probably just that I’m terrible at links. If you have confidence that you won’t mess up c.lp -> link then by all means go for the FK ender. It’s only that I know I have a very low success rate with that link so prefer to just Sonic Boom to be safe.

Just try doing xx Flash Kick over and over again in training. Try changing the timing to see just how fast/slow you can cancel into FK and have it still come out in time to combo. It sounds like you may not be charging for long enough either…? Get a feel for your minimum charge time too. It’s near impossible to walk up and then start the combo, not enough time.

If you jump up and do a goofy kick, not enough charge lol.

I will do that and I appreciate the tips GREATLY! I’m really starting to get into Guile and I think it is about my timing more than it is my execution or plinking rather. I’ll cram some more hours in training and see if I can get it consistently with faster FK’s on MP hit confirms. I did just pick him up as a main so maybe I should just keep it cool and practice more. I appreciate the concern and constructive criticism. I’ll keep in touch!

The ‘hard’ part is linking lp to mp. Since you have this down it shouldn’t be a problem. keep practising !

meh…it’s second nature after a few months.

Yeah so after a few hours today grinding away in training I found out that I was doing the FK way to late! What exactly I found out to do is after Crouch LP,LP I stall for like 1 frame and follow up with the plink LP>MP to Flash Kick! I’m not entirely consistent with it yet but I land the combo about 4/10 tries which is a HUGE change from the day before of only hitting it once every 30min-1hour. I’m gonna keep practicing daily and thanks for all the advice fellers.