Plinking help

alright so ive been at it for a good week or two learning how to plink and i still dont get it. I use Akuma so i tried plinking for a couple of his combos but i still cant get it down i saw a guide on shoryuken for his plinking but it confused me even more when it started talking about frames so if any one of you have a ps3 or want to try to explain it to me on this forum feel free to help me because i cant learn something that is needed if i dont get it fully

Here’s a video showing what the inputs should look like in training mode: [media=youtube]agoZ6fzrDC4"[/media]
I didn’t watch the whole thing but Magman’s videos are all really good. You can do it many ways, with Akuma I plink the s.lp loop. My inputs for s.lp would look like this in training mode. The bottom being the start of the combo.

:mk::hk: or :lk::hk: and other variations.

Best way to check if you’re Plinking has the correct timing is to enter training mode and turn on your inputs.

Akuma’s combos, in my experience, don’t really require any Plinking unless you’re doing the near-infinite loop with the S.HK. If you wanna practice try it with the 2-input demon.

Enter training mode and turn on your inputs. Hit LP+MP+HP but ‘roll’ your fingers so that LP is pressed just before MP+HP is hit. Your inputs should look something like this on the screen:


Once you get that down, do that motion and follow up with Back+LK+HP. You got yourself a 2-input demon.

eh i have this feeling that i would never get it right i actually understand but maybe it doesnt work so well cuz im not really doing anything thats required to plink i was just trying to get it down so if i went to another character that required it i wouldnt need to practice it as hard as im doing right now.

It is by no means necessary, I just started doing it probably a couple weeks ago to become more consistent with my combos. I used to just do single inputs by feel (and sometimes still do) and had a success rating of probably around 50-60% with my combos. When I became proficient in plinking that rate increased to at least 75-90%. If your game is not heavily reliant on sharp execution then you don’t need to master it. But when you get more comfortable with the timing of some combos and you are looking to increase your execution performance, plinking is definitely an easy method to take up.

if you’re doing it right it should look like this when you turn on your inputs. i’m using hk~mk:


the timing is similar to ken’s kara throw. if it helps, think of it as pressing the buttons simultaneously, but you’re just messing up on purpose.

Does plinking help out a bunch with Balrog’s c.LP c.LP far s.LP c.HK?

You can’t plink with S.LP or S.LK(expecting to improve the timing on either of those attacks), but it helps with anything regarding timing for every other attack. It makes it so your move can come out the moment you press it, and also the moment after you press it. The most effective way to plink is so you’re doing it earlier than if you were doing it without plinking. So if after you plink you see it getting blocked, and the input display shows that you plinked correctly, try timing it so either you miss completely or you get a hit, and start edging towards getting a hit with plinking, slowing the timing down.

I’ve plinked quite a bit however for some reason i can’t plink 100% of the time, it’s like 50% maybe less, maybe more depending on which button for some reason, it seems as though i do it too fast so they come out at the same frame or i do it so that the inputs come out at different frames.

You can plink LK. Honda has a combo in his hard trial that is cr.LK cr.LK cr.LK cr.LK Headbutt. The timing on the LK is difficult so you can press LK~LP for plinking purposes. You can’t plink LP because LP has nothing below it priority wise.

I didn’t understand it until someone just showed me, but in order to do “Balrog’s c.LP c.LP far s.LP c.HK”, you would use the c.LP c.LP far s.LP c.HK~MK (or anything ‘lower’ than HK, which is basically everything, I’d use MK because of it’s location). In this notation, I use ~ to represent pressing the button a split second after, so MK~LK means pressing MK and LK slightly after. Watch that video for a demonstration, but you press them almost together.

If you did it right, it will register in training mode as:


I only use it in a handful of link combos. The nice thing about plinking is that even if you fuck it up, the combo can still work if you had the initial timing right.

Ok can someone explain plinking in great detail so I have a complete understanding of it plz? Thaks

read the whole thread.

not sure it can be broken down anymore basic i guess

You hit the button you want to come out (like a hard kick) and less than a split second later you hit a button that has less priority(meaning if you were to push them at the same time hard kick would come out) than it (like medium kick) the game registers the hard kick and then a hard kick and medium kick. So you basically get 2 hard kick inputs(even though you only pressed it once) by confusing the game with inputting the medium kick at nearly the same time.

The benifit to this is assuming it takes you 1 frame to hit the button when you have to hit a 1 frame link you’re getting 2 chances to hit it because your hard kick input is coming out twice from 1 button press.

If you’re doing it correctly your traning mode input display will look like this:


edit: hey look at that I wasted my time typing this

it’s seriously not that hard.
you know how when you press all three punches at literally the same time, the hardest punch comes out?
you apply that to that rapid button press so you pretty much get two of the heavy punch or whatever you’re plinking in a fraction of a second

wow I get it, I do’t uderstand why it works but I understand how it works and thats great.

Yeah. You can plink the c. hk after s. lp. Personally I do s. lp > d + hk~mk.

If you wanna know more about it or wanna know how to time the input consistently…

Hey about your crouch tech article i bothered to try out all the crouch tech and guile, bison etc etc can all do the crouch tech, when you said they can’t or am i missing something in your article?

Hey about your crouch tech article i bothered to try out all the crouch tech and guile, bison etc etc can all do the crouch tech, when you said they can’t or am i missing something in your article?

Yeah, you can plink the hk.

I plink every combo I can and I think it helps a lot, especially with 1 frame links.
I’d say if it’s in the game, use it! :wink:
But yeah, just go into training, look at your inputs to make sure it’s right, and read the plinking thread so you understand it 100%

Every character can do the crouch tech. I said Guile and Bison have trouble dealing damage to turtle players who use a lot of crouch tech (and mix it up with other things). That’s why Guile/Bison have to turtle people out rather than rush down at high level play.