Plinking input not working with PS1/PS2 to USB adapter

I have a HRAP 1, comes with a mirror top and I have modded Sanwa buttons which I use to play SFIV PC.
I use it with the old super joy box made by Mayflash, purchased with the stick back in 2004.

My problem is that when I try to plink in training mode (in SFIV PC) for example HK~MK it will show:




Plink inputs will not register!


I have tried testing plinking on my keyboard and my friends ps3 HRAP 3SE and it works perfectly fine.
I am thinking the adapter is causing the problem as it is quite an old model.

So I just wanted to know if somebody else could confirm if plinking inputs works on a newer adapter (eg. super joy box 3) with an old ps1/ps2 stick?

I am hoping that I will just need to update my adapter instead of forking out money to get a new stick.

Thanks. :lol:

It could definetely be the adapter. Go with an InPin, works fine for me.

Thanks for the reply Gigazord. I will try to get my hands on a InPin.

Just received the InPin today and it has solved the problem!

For anyone having any plinking input problems on a old HORI HRAP for Street Fighter IV PC with an old PS2 to USB adapter.

PM laugh and order yourself a InPin.