Plinking LK and tips on linking multiple LP with Sagat


Just had questions on wether I should be plinking LK~LP with my thumb and index or my index and middle? Also on the multiple LP linking with Sagat, should I be double tapping LP or should I just learn the rhythm of link. Thanks


For Lk, you can use what feels comfortable/easy for you.


I use my thumb and index finger (I’m guessing that’s how everyone does it on default settings).

For Sagat, I think you’re better off learning the rhythm because I sure you can not rapid fire his light attacks.


Hand shape/finger length is what makes technique non-standard in streetfighter. Learn a bunch of different ways and choose the one that works best for you.

Jab links are probably done best if you learn the timing. The tightest you can get with double tapping that I read on the forums was I believe one frame in between button presses. It’s an extra chance to hit, but only if you were off two frames not one. You might as well just go the pro way and get a stick that has the select/back button in a position that lets you plink. Jab can be plinked to select on xbox and the back button on ps3/pc…