Plinking LK necessary for dictator and sagat combos?


Just wanted an answer on the question in title. I have no problems plinking mp hp mk hk since I use middle and index finger but plinking LK just feels so weird, and I just wanted to know if it was necessary or is knowing the timing for LK combos good enough.


Yeah it’s necessary for the long run if you ever want to get into high level Street Fighter with those characters, why not take every advantage you can, if it means you’re less likely to drop a combo.


I played Bison for years and never plinked. After a while you just get down the timing for 3-4 cr. lk’s
necessary: Not really
recommended: Definitely


^ Same.
I really think plinking is not needed.


Yeah, there’s crazy SOBs like Zeus who just do Claw’s BnB with a bunch of one framers no sweat. So not necessary, but as said above, definitely recommended.


“Recommended” , yeah, yeah.