Plinking needed?

The way they breeze threw combos doesn’t seem like its needed but I don’t know

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can’t plink with chains dummy :stuck_out_tongue:

if you need to plink a 3frame link…

tho, there might be some 1 frame link as well, but in general I’d say with decent timing skills it’s not as rewarding, due to the lenient nature of the game.

Ahh cause pad plinking would be saddening. I couldn’t do Ken cr.lp cr.hp super trial

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try, c.lp, s.lp,

There are some combos where plinking (especially online) would help to make it more consistent. Things like Law’s overhead link to cr. strong (feels like a 1 or 2 framer), I’ve been plinking and getting better results. Other combos that needed plinking like guilds cr.jab -> cr. strong I’ve been hitting 100% with no plinking. cr. short, cr. jab, cr. strong is braindead easy ( don’t know the frame data on it).

The game isn’t only chain combos dummy :stuck_out_tongue:

because of chains you can’t plink…
Obviously you wouldnt plink a chain

So if you want to plink, with Ryu using lp as your plink from the second mp you can’t because of chains…but chains are light to medium to heavy? Are you sure?

You can indeed plink, and plink inputs still work … I’ve been plinking combos for tons of different chars.

Chain inputs have to be done during startup of the prior move. Link inputs are done after the recovery of the prior move.

We need confirmation of plinking. It does not show up in input display and I’m having WAY more success double tapping. I plinked everything in sf4 and the difference was noticeable but here it’s not at all and I’m not seeing it after trying for a long time to see it in input display.

Seth Killian confirmed it on stream. MvC3 also doesn’t show plinking like SF does, but it’s there and you can do wave dashes, os throws, etc.

Seth Killian has been wrong before, and he also said that it works differently. I want to know if this “works differently” even makes it worth it, because I’m having 100% more success with double tapping.

Yeah, double tapping might indeed be better. So far from the guide’s preview there isn’t any 1 frame link and they’re all 3 frames usually, so I also think it’s much better to avoid chaining, unless you’re doing combos that can’t be chained, like Law’s,,

I don’t know how we can tests for ourselfs…stronger buttons still take priority over lighter attacks, so that’s one part of the deal, I guess you could check to see if you can kara anything.

Links still do exist.

Thus, plinking is somewhat needed (or easier to link attacks. Ryu’s, for example?). Then again, I’m not sure if anyone knows all of the mechanic details.

see what’s weird is when I try and plink not only does it not show 3 fierces, it shows a simultaneos fierce/strong then a seperate jab.

I just don’t want to start blindly plinking and keeping that habbit if it’s a waste of time and not even helping my execution. In terms of improving execution I don’t know how it could still be in the game if it’s not giving my 3 fierce inputs.

90% sure that plinking was showing up in the inputs when I was trying it yesterday.

It sure does - exactly the same as it does in SF4.

There’s no plinking in Marvel3, you might be thinking of something else. When in doubt, test it yourself!

I’ll try again in a minute. I’ll be mad if all this time it was showing in input display.

looking closer at the input display, I was wrong it is showing in the display so my bad. I guess I was just used to seeing the 3 fierces on the same line at the same time and didn’t understand how this input display worked.

Crisis averted, plink away!