Plinking & Pokes


I know this is probably a dumb question, but does plinking have any effect on pokes in anyway?


If its just a single poke then nope…not really. However, plinking a move out of your blockstun or plinking a move after your recovery frames will minimize the amount of wasted frames where you’re sitting there doing nothing.

Eg. Rose’s slide is generally not really safe or unsafe, so generally both players feel like attacking, and 1 or 2 frames of you sitting there doing nothing after a slide will cost you.
Slide> = counter-hit city…you can tack on a hk drill that will combo on CH and be safe on block. If my opponent isn’t plinking out of blockstun then they’re potentially doing nothing for a frame or two which is the difference between beating/trading my attack or getting counter-hit and drilled on for 200 dmg.


:pray: Best answer I could have possibly got. Appreciate it prorook. That Rose example told me everything i needed to know. You confirmed ALOT for me…lol…thanx bro. The reason I had originally asked is because now that i’ve started plinking,out of habit,I tend to plink outside of combos when its not necessary.Now I know how to incorporate that habit instead of trying to break it. :woot: