Plinking technique question

I’ve read the main thread and understand how (theoretically) this works, as well as many other threads with plinking troubles, but I still can’t seem to get it right. My consistency without plinking is %40 at best in training mode, but when I bring it to a match it goes down significantly.

If I understand correctly, when plinking c.lp,, I’m supposed to press c.lp, ( ~ c.lp), which should look like this in training mode:

:mp: :lp:

But instead it always (90% of the time) looks like this:

or this:

The former meaning my inputs are too close together, and the latter meaning that they’re too far apart. For some reason, I can only rarely find middle ground for my inputs to be correct, so I’m wondering how my fingers should be positioned. It seems that if I even piano the inputs just slightly apart it’s too slow, but if I try speeding it up the only registers once.

I really want to be able to do c.lp to consistently but am trying to no avail, if somebody could give me some pointers it would be greatly appreciated. :wgrin:

You’re supposed to get:

When you plink :mp:. When you get c.lp ~, you need to press c.lp, then plink the mp. Which means you’re pressing the :mp::lp: together at the same time and not slightly off of one another.

You need to press :mp: THEN :lp: (quickly) to get it to plink.

Did you really have to start a new thread for this…

u start off with 40% success rate, and it’ll become 90% without you even realizing it.

I suggest you practice only plinking first, i.e., ~ c.lp only. Practice it so that you can consistently do it, then add c.lp before the plink.

I already understand the fact that I have to press them slightly apart, but if you looked at my inputs, I’m either pressing them too close together (simultaneously) or too far apart, resulting in those two inputs I posted. I’m just saying that I can’t get it in between, which is odd because most people seem to have no trouble with it.

Ah why didn’t I think of that? Will definitely try that out…

just for the record, the lp is in front of the mp in the example pics because thats the way it shows in the input display in ssf4.

every idle thought requires a new thread, silly.

Can someone link me to where the explanation is of the actually art of plinking with guile? I’ve taken a look at combo threads etc but i want to really take a look at some in depth explanations if possible. I’m sorry if this is an inconvenience but if someone can find that for me it would be greatly appreciated =)

NVM. Somehow after searching found it right after posting. Here it is for all who don’t know.

Sorry for wasting time/space =(