Plinking / Tsuji-Style: KARA BUFFER Inputs for Easier Links and More!

I was reading the update on P-Linking vs Double Tapping and you were talking about the margin of error. I don’t understand how double tapping for 2+ frame links gives you a larger room for error. Could you please elaborate on this?

here is a good video on plinking

very informative thread, i likes

This definitely helps me with Cody’s s.MP -> c.HP, which is a really nice thing to be able to do.

Great Info in this thread.


Not getting this…

Can’t get seem to plink Ryu’s… I get the input on the training mode to come out as


in consecutive frames but the second mp doesn’t come out.

Am I too fast or too slow?

If no input at all comes out, then you’re doing the entire input too early. The inputs both got caught in the previous move’s recovery.

Yea, it’s kinda like mashing, but when you mash, you are hitting the button over and over as fast as you can, praying one of them will be timed correctly. The problem with that is this game runs at 60fp/s, so a 1 frame link has a 1/60th of a second window for you to push the correct button. When you are mashing, (if you are fast) it takes you about 20+ frames just to lift your finger and press the button again (about 3 or so presses per second). Thats a 5% chance to nail the link.

Normally, you would just wait and try to time it perfectly with a single button press, which will allow you to bring the odds way up (as high as you are good at timing these things). Now imagine if there was a way to push the button so fast that it will hit every frame and you have plinking… Unfortunately, the technique limits us to only two button presses, but 2 frames = 1/30th of a second, effectively doubling your window and thus your chances! So if you can only nail that link 50% of the time, now you will be pushing 100%, and thats pretty cool.

I also see allot of “Why does the game let this happen?” posts (even though I thought it was answered pretty well…but…)

Imagine there was zero input leniency. If you wanted to input a throw, your LP + LK would have to be so exact that the circuitry in your pad fire has to fire off the lp less than 1/60th of a second before/after the lk. It would be very annoying, especially for pad players.

With leniency, when the game sees you punching then a split second later sees you kicking, it basically says “Punch…no wait, fat fingers here is trying to perform a throw” and thus you throw. The game forgives the first input and then spits out its own assumed second input. You can see a similar effect in other instances, like when you hadouken and press punch too soon, you’ll see your character punch, then throw a fireball, even though you only pressed the punch button once.

That is how/why plinking works (if Im not mistaken). You input a HK followed immediately by MK and the game says “Ok, High Kick…no wait…hes trying to High Kick and Medium Kick at the same time” and thus the game spits out HK, HK+MK in two frames. Of course in SF4, when you push more than one button, the most powerful move comes out (which is why the KKK button will always roundhouse), so the plink HK, HK+MK is actually a 2 frame HK,HK nice and tidy and ready to be used in place of a single HK when trying to time 1 frame links.:tup:

yay, big first post!

Chain is a bit of a redundant word dontcha think. How is it different from a cancel in any way?

Sorry if this has been asked before but a thought just came to me. Would it be possible to use plinking to get super fast TK cancels with c viper?

Can Dudley Plink his crlpx2-hk?

or cr lk to HK?

This stuff messes me up

All of this goes right over my head. It’s probably because I’ve been playing SSF4 for only a couple of months and I still don’t know a lot of the terms. I’m going to give it a try in the training room; hopefully I’ll make sense out of all this. May be I can figure out a way to apply this technique with M.Bison’s BnB’s and other combos.

then don’t use it. It does help though.

Practice makes perfect. It took me a month to get it down. Relax your fingers and don’t overthink it :slight_smile:

Something i’m trying to wrap my head around regarding the line about double tapping, having a conversation with someone, he brought up that ‘double tapping is good for 2 frame links’ and cited this thread, which i have read through several times.

My question is regarding the lines

“For one-frame links, plinking is undeniably superior. With plinking you can either hit the button one frame early (-1), or time it perfectly (0). The margin of error for plinking here is 2 consecutive frames. With double-tapping, however, you either hit it two frames early (-2) or squarely on the dot (0). The margin of error here is still 2 frames, but they are not consecutive frames.”

From my understanding of frame data, a one frame link is defined as a difference of 0 frames in the recovery of one move, and the startup of another move. the reason that this is, is because the last ‘startup’ frame is also the first ‘active’ frame of a move. That being the case, when he describes hiting the 0 frame, or the -2 frame, wouldnt that be a 3 frame link, not a two frame link? 0 being the first available frame, -1 being the second, and -2 being the third and final available frame to get the move out before the window to link is actually gone?


Just tried this for the first time with Ryu in Training mode. It really works! I couldn’t get the timing down for links but now it’s a LOT easier.

With that said, should I just run with this and improve using plinking or should I practice combos without it so I’d be great whether I use it or not?

breaking my fingers on this.

I had a friend of mine test a couple of questions I had about plinking on his copy of Arcade Edition on PC. What we found was, it seems the game has a 2 frame window for plinking. What this means is that there is a “perfect plink” where you get a desired input on frames 1 and 2, and an “imperfect plink” where you get the desired input on frames 1 and 3 but nothing on frame 2. This means you can actually drop a 1f link that you hit 1f too early if you did the plink imperfectly. However, the the game input display will still show both of these as the same plink, so you wouldn’t be able to differentiate it unless you could count frames or something.

Stuff like this makes me very nervous to play SF. Im new to this game so it seems after I get the basics down Im still going to have to find a way to do crazy button tapping. I dont understand why Capcom had to add this mechanic because it makes it that much less appealing for new players. Which makes me sad because SF looks like a really fun and awesome game.