Plinking Ultra with Gen

A while back I saw a vid showing how to plink Ultra, could that be a useful tech with Gen? or is it useless

Plink ultra allows Gen to combo Mantis Ultra 2 where normal ultra wouldn’t connect.

See Ryu combo at 1:10


but that is now a 2 frame link, not the one frame it was on AE, anyway thanks

You mean something like:
3P~LK ?
It’s mostly useless now as his Mantis U2 got faster (crane cr.LK -> Mantis U1 might be useful by using this). I’m not sure if plinking in air would work so that you can input 1f before the height limitation of Crane U2.

Sorry, that one is a plink ultra but it’s for kara’ing purposes due to long range and not timing. I got your question wrong.

mh, in what situations doing an ultra with kara’ input is useful?

In the situation shown in the above video. To hit Mantis U2 after EX Hands. Other than that, there’s no reason to kara Ultra with gen apart from obscure situations which would also help every single character in the game, but for consistency none of those are factored in.