Plinking with Balrog


I am very new with “plinking” style, but I think that can be very useful with practice with a 1-2 frame links, but anyway, where to use plink combos with Balrog? do you use it?


s.jab(far), c.rh (rh~mk)
c.jab, c.jab. (mp~lp)
overhead punch, c.rh ( rh~mk)

Thank you

My only issue about plinking is that i don’t think it works in other fighters and i don’t want to get used to these type of things. but i have used it early on for c.LP c.MP since it’s such a great link.

I use it on st.lp~cr,rh,,, cr.lp~st.rh and I believe that’s all of his 1 frame links.

yeah most of Rog’s Plinks are for more damage and aren’t nessecary. c.lp -> doesn’t need to be plinked, and it’ll get the job done in most cases. The 1-frame links are fancy, but aside from the c.rh at the end of a jab string, i don’t even usually attempt any of those in a match. It just isn’t worth the damage to drop the combo for me, but i don’t play at a high level. From most of the tournaments i’ve watched, i don’t see a lot of the fancy links either, just standard c.lp, -> headbutt.

Basically, IMO, going for those combos if you’re new to plinking, especially for Boxer, is unnecessary. Ryu’s,, c.rh is something that’s more appropriate as a punish than any of Rog’s 1-frame links for example. For Rog, you’re only getting like 30-50 more damage at most, and a higher possibility of dropping a combo when it really matters. Though, i suppose in some cases, the damage really matters.

Risk/Reward: I stick with the basics when i’m playing to Win.


s.LP to c.HK
ex rush upper loop is super duper important for sure at high level.

but you’re right for casual level you don’t need that stuff.

“but aside from the c.rh at the end of a jab string” i covered that base :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t plink in ex rush upper loops. i’m not sure what there is to plink when you can just c.lp ->

that’s what i meant regarding risk reward. i don’t feel the extra damage from doing the 1 frame links is worth it when you can just c.lp -> and the only benefit from the other links is slightly more damage, especially when you’re ex rush upper looping because of the scaling…unless i’m missing what you meant.

I guess the more you practice the link, the less risk there is and the more reward there is :slight_smile:

rush upper loops can’t be plinked.

i was thinking you were saying this as another example along with the c.lp -> c.rh

Which i thought maybe you were talking about the
c.lp ex upper c.lp blah blah instead of using the

There was just some miscommunication.

and yeah, i know what you mean MrChowda, but i just wanted to make sure the OP knows that Plinking isn’t necessary for any of Rog’s BnB. It’s alot more important for some characters like Rufus’ dive kick -> c.lp -> s.hp -> GT

Besides the s.lp -> c.rh…that’s really good!

OOOOOOOO, were you saying that Plinking and ex upper loops aren’t that important for casual play?

Just pointing out, the c. lp > c. mp link is useful for hit confirming headbutts against crouching Blanka. It also lets you tack on some extra damage if you happen to connect with a c. lp when you don’t have charge.

Although I agree, for most people’s levels of play it doesn’t really matter that much. At higher levels however, those 1 frame links can mean the difference between winning and losing a match.

Hi foxisquick,

See this video 00:10

If you see more videos of vVv Scrub, he uses lot of times c.lp, under loop, so I assume that he uses plink or it has a good timing.

i’m referring to the c.LP that you do after an ex rush upper. pretty sure that can’t be plinked. the c.LP c.MP is seperate and it is a solid plink.

Hey whats up Fox?
I think I understand you and just wanted to clarify if anyone else is saying huh? Regarding the EX Dash Upper Loop:

EX Dash Upper -> cr.LP -> cr.MP xx EX Dash Upper…

cr.LP -> cr.MP : This is a 1 frame link and can be plinked via MP~LP and is practical to do so. You may even get a cr.LP instead of the cr.MP and go on with the combo.

EX Dash Upper -> cr.LP: Can not plink. LP~MP the MP has priority and as such would come out rather than intended cr.LP. Nor can you use LP~LK because kicks have priority over punches and like the aforementioned plink, if mistimed LK would come out. No way to plink LP (that I know of) It is the lowest priority, single button, command.

While we’re on the topic if you are trying to link into a cr.LK, your plink ( LK~LP ) doubles as an option select to tech a throw (make sure you are crouching so as to not accidentally toss out a throw in place of a LP or LK). So ideally you can get a cr.LK, cr.LP, or tech a throw if you really butcher the timing and are about to be tossed.

Yes foxisquick & StevoKanevo, I am talking about cr.LP -> cr.MP 1 frame link and other combos that can be done with boxer where 1 or 2 frame link needs a very strict timing. Since we need have a “collection” of that combos.

See you!

What fingers does everyone use when going from s.LPx4 ~ C.HK? I’ve been plinking c.HK with my index (on MP) and middle finger (on HK) but now seem to get better results when using my middle finger (MK) and ring finger (HK)

I use middle and ring finger, but just use whichever ones you feel most comfortable with!

Also, apart from the s.jab, cr.rh i dont use plinking. Not even for c.jab, c.strong. Dunno, just seems like v sloppy input to me…
ive had better results without plinking.