Plinking with rog?

Hey guys im sorry if there was already a thread on it :[ but i swear i looked and couldnt find an article anywhere. i have been doing everything with timing and junk and think its about time i learn how. can someone link me to a thread that explains to me how i should be plinking with rog, or a plinking thread in general that will teach me the technique in general? thank you everyone

Thank you very much :]

best used for far standng jab to sweep, you should get in te habit of plinking your hk every tie you press it (even as a counter poke) to get it second. Also sweep on counterhit cr. jab (frame trap situation) and counterhit cr. mp (used as a meatie)

oh and cr. mp in your combos (but its too early for you to worry about that)

Stupid question, you cant plink short by hitting short and fierce together right?

no, you can plink fierce that way but not short, you have to plink short with jab or select, or a button that’s not in use. plinking = priority linking, have to hit a button with less priority so you get to identical inputs as far as the engine is concerned.

You can plink crouching short with jab for sure, but you may have to plink standing short with an unused button or select because of throw having priority over standing short or standing jab. I could be wrong, but as rog, i can’t think of too many situations what you’d need to plink short, jab yes, short no.

so the priority is roundhouse > forward > short > fierce > strong > jab ?
Just watched all of the vesperarcade tutorial vids yesterday and there’s heaps of good info in them with a few chapters dedicated to plinking

yeh from highest to lowest priority, theres more but as far as plinking is concerned that’s about right.