PLLZZ help, major issues with old sf4 arcade stick

the wire that plugs into the ps3 port ripped, is there any way to fix this or am i screwed?

How to repair USB cables.


you could just solder on a new USB cable. I think most USB cables should work. Just strip one end and solder to the same points the current one is soldered to.

thanks alot guys, i really appreciate it! i was panicking somethin fierce

Do you mean the USB cord?
I am only guessing here because you are being vague as in
"the wire that plugs into the ps3 port ripped" could be a USB port, the power cord, the A/V cable, the HDMI cable

Watch this

sorry haha. yeah a piece of the usb cable on my stick completely ripped off, the part that connects to the ps3