Pls help me wire up my xbox 360 controller late version

cansome pls help me i cant seem to work the down botton of my dpad,…its a xbox 360 controller late version,…every tym i press down my controller will turn off

Well all your wires are stripped too much.
A lot of bare going on, and can be shorting out the PCB.

So redo all your wiring.
Expose only 1mm of wire.

And why does your PCB look so weird around the Directionals?
Is it corrosion, burning; what is it?

oh i see im having trouble of soldering the wires so i strip them too much ,.ill will solder them again with 1 m wire,.thank you sir,…

can you point the ground and signal for my controler (the latest wirelless pbc) ? pls ,…

and the one with looks like a corrosion i thought they where grounds,.so i strip or scratch the green like substance to expose the cooper but i was wrong. sorry for my bad english and i hope you understand what im trying to say sir.

thank you so much

Here is diagram

thank you so much sir for your help but i dont understand the red letters ,.i think there are grounds but where will i put the grounds there? i know that my controller is common ground but i dont know how to use common ground so i just did the manual way,.

THe red letters are just the button signals, also if you’r controller is turning off you definitely are getting shorts and might fry it soon.

You will have one wire soldered on the PCB for Ground.
That one wire will go to a Button, and from that Button, go to the next one.

oh no will my controlller fry?? oh no,…


i didnt fully understand the one you post bro but i think im getting though,…

where and how will i daisy chain them? (ground them using only one wire?)

yellow are signal:

There is a point marked Ground in the diagram Nerrage posted.
Solder one wire to it, then the other end to a Button.
From that Button, put wire, then go next.

If that is too hard for you, then just do the way you been doing.
Two wires from PCB go to each Button.

ok bro thank you,…

ill try to solder it again,…using common ground…hope it will work ,.,…thank you

jdm714 wow bro im so happy with your post it really help me alot! thank you know ! i didt know thats possible ill try now,…

one last thing if ever you have time pls draw the common ground connection and signal for the DPAD,.pls pls ,…like the one you posted above

thank you

There are at least eleven points on the PCB you can use for Ground.
The Diagram only shows two.

For the Joystick, just continue Daisy-chain like the Buttons.
Or choose a Ground somewhere and Daisy-chain to the Joystick.

The PCB is Common Ground remember?
In the diagram, what is opposite of the blue circles is Ground.

You want to Daisy-chain to the Terminals that are parallel to the white.
That means the Terminals that my blue line is touching the wires.

ok sir im doing it right now im having trouble soldering but thank you i will try my best

i tried just connecting the sync button an d the a button using the daisy chain,.,.the sync button is working but the a is not responding,.huhu why is that happening,.i really want to learn,…but i guess my controller is already broken?