Pls recommend a GamePad with the following -


Can someone please recommend a GamePad that has the following :-

  1. a left analogue stick that has a square gate
  2. 6 button layout on the right just like the madcatz street fighter fightpad
  3. ability to use the left analogue stick inputs for the D-Pad


please recommend the latest product of the above qualities

Thank you


There isn’t one lol. Left analog stick with a square gate? :lol:


may as well get a small stick and grab the case with your right hand if you want it that way.


Sounds like a TE lol


hey is OP talking about a stick?


He says Gamepad.
So not Arcade Stick.
He says like Mad Catz SFIV FightPad, so not Arcade Stick.


Troll thread.




Thank you for the recommendation !

I read the amazon review on one of these gamepad and it said that there are calibaration problems ???

Hows the reliability of one of these ???

This one seems like a really old product …



square gate pad?
a regular madcatz pad?


I can’t believe you actually found that. Pretty impressive.


FWIW, The travel on the analog sticks on this pad is ridiculous, you would not want to play a fighting game with it.


I am beginning to give up this idea already


like you said the travel is ridiculous …



you’re literally 1 step away from a stick


To the OP… I don’t think I would play Super Mario with this thing.


if you must play on pad you should get the neogeo ps2 pad if you’ve ever used a neogeo pocket where it’s basically a mini arcade stick for a d-pad, then you might like this. has the click sounds as well, but it’s not a square gate as far as i know.

EDIT: they’re kinda expensive but here’s one on ebay for around $60


Yes !!!

I have been looking for something like this …

Thank you !!!