Pls take me to 'Street Fighter II World'

I imagine its like Disney Land, but with Shoryukens and Hadoukens.

I’ve only just parked and I’m already excited.
Who love the ‘Dictator Stage’ entrance!!
Stairway to heaven.


Google map location as best i can make it out from the little map illustration on the Capcom site:,139.376711&spn=0.001932,0.002985&t=k&z=19&om=1


SFIII art on top of SFII backgrounds? capcom sucks.

i believe i’ve seen this before…justin wong went there

Holy $$$ … props man! More pics if you can and vids!

I’m dropping this whole religion thing as this proves I don’t have to die to goto heaven :slight_smile:

nerds… gettin wet over a game

that place sucks btw

He must have been bloody fast, it only opened on the 27th of July.

Seems every version of SF II has its own area. Babel Fish translation:

“In the passage to inside the store reproducing the stage “of street fighter II” from the 1F entrance.
In addition e.g., the poster of the successive series and the show window which displays the figure are provided
The fan necessary production of seeing is quantity, ill-smelling it is.
In the video game corner, including that “strike II”, “dash” “turbo” “?? II” “?? IIX” and so on
Successive strike II series many preparation. There just is the strike II museum.”

Oh and for those of you worrying about the lack of Crane grab games, fear not!:

“As for the prize game of the crane game and the candy game etc. of course in the 2nd floor”

Seems there is going to be a weekly tourney too. As Babel Fish puts it:

“The street fighter II” game conference the strongest person is who!
The conference of the street fighter II who of courseis themeof this store every week Saturday it is opening schedule.
Being to have prepared the cute commodity in the champion, very our! With the one which is said please try participating by all means *
The one which the person who knows “street fighter II” is not known
Everyone being even, don’t you think? ’ the ??? Irima store ’ please come to one time play by all means, *


well he’s taken care of now

anywho, that looks pretty cool, more pics!

Sounds cool.
Too bad I can’t go to Japan.:sad:

That place looks awesome. Like walking into an SF-themed Vegas casino.

“The street fighter II” game conference the strongest person is who!


Why? Because 1991 art > 1997 art?

True, the pic is of SF3 Ryu, but that looks better than the utter shit that passed for art back then…

Made my day. :rofl:


At first I thought this was about Street Fighter 2: The Ride! Which was really scary…

Her legs need to be, like, twice as big to pull it off. And yet I would bang her like a screen door.

Where exactly is this?

I would snap her legs over my knee, like so.

That’s pretty dope, now if only some one would make a funky town.

I need more PICS!!!

Amazing. Simply amazing, where are more pics?

nice shit crayfish! everyone has said it, but MORE PICS!!!