Plug and Play fighting stick PC

What is the the best Plug and Play arcade stick for the PC? I heard the xbox 360 Madcatz TE was compatible?


Real Arcade Pro.3 SA Stick

The TE is a close 2nd (IMO). The HRAP series feels a lot more solid than the TE, although the TE has more easily accessible parts. Also, the TE has cheaper feeling plastic and the flimsy cord retaining door will break on you (mine did). If you can get the Real Arcade Pro.3 SA in a timely manner and cheaper than the TE, go for it!!

BTW, the VSHG rules all, despite being out of production and expensive on eBay.

  • TE

for better results SE, TE (PS3)

had no problems

i’m running xp pro spk2 + 3 / and i’m also running dual boot MBPRO