Plz Close! Thanks!

**[COLOR=“SeaGreen”]Just bought a PS3 so thought I would add some stuff to my trades. **

I have 1 New Xbox 360 2009 ComicCon TE Fightsticks I’m asking** $180.00 Shipped!!!** In the US

075/250 Sold! : Tonio

See pictures below.

Just Added 4/13/10

I have Black X box 360 control for sale or trade.
I would like to trade for a dualshock 3 in as good condition. Preferably silver. NO NOCKOFFS!!!
I will sell if for $44.00 OBO shipped in the US.
Comes with rechargeable battery and cable. It also has a wireless adapter for the PC.

ill trade u a stick for a xbox 360 console

waiting to see what you will be charging for shipping.

Let me know the charge to ship to: Europe - Czech Republic - Prague.

I’d like to buy the PS3 stick, so just PM me the price and how to pay that. If you can already reserve the item for me, I would be so glad. Thanks a lot.

Which 360 system(specs)?
What does it come with?
What stick do you want?

I cant see it being more than $20.00 but like I said I will update.

Sorry, I’m looking to sell instate. I will edit my post to reflect that.

ill sent u a pm with details im interested in the te with artwork. why is the comic con one so special? is the same shit right?

I will take a xbox360 Comic Con TE just let me know the shipping.

I will find out this afternoon and Ill pm you the costs. If everything is cool, Ill send you a invoice via Paypal. Do you have any preference on the number of the stick?

Is there anything that would make you sell it outside the US?

u ignored my pm? :frowning: well good luck with ur sticks bro. take care.

No. I read it. Still thinking. I did just notice you are in Puerto Rico and I would rather ship in state.

Sorry. Not right now.

is the same shit. ask fellow srk members

Let me know if you’ve sold it yet. I’m looking for a comic-con possibly maybe we can work something out.

only 250 were made for each system so 500 total i sold mine along time ago it was very sexy i had too many ps3 sticks at the time

Ill pass. thanks for the offer.

I still have one comic con stick left.

No I dont care about what number, payment will be sent as soon as you send the invoice.

Hey payment sent, if no one wants the other stick hold on to it for a few weeks and I will take it. Got some other things I have to handle first.

Got it. If no one buys it and you still want it no problem. 2nd Comic on stick right?

Yep thats right.