(plz close) WTB: Razer Atrox Shell


I’m looking to buy a Razer Atrox Shell. I don’t need the stick, buttons, or the PCB so you can keep them if you want.

Since you can get a brand new Atrox 360 on Amazon for $80, with free shipping, then:
I can do $40 shipped for the Atrox shell.


That’s not gonna happen.

If you really think that’s a fair deal, then you should buy it off Amazon for $80 and sell the stick, buttons and PCB for $40, and keep the shell.


Someone might have one that they dropped in their pool, and it was going to the trash before they saw this post.


True. That is a possibility.

But you need to understand that the people that bought the atrox did so because of the actual shell.


I got what i needef from a different source. Please. close thread.