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Hey people.

I am looking for a TE black shell in good condition. I actually only need the part that holds the start and back button, but I will take the whole thing if you want to let it go. I can pay cash or I have great condition black TE sides, blue TE bezel, BlazBlue PS3 TE panel, and matching PS3 PCB and turbo panel with all wiring. I also have a almost brand new JLW. Will trade all for the shell.

Thanks in advance!



For what it’s worth, if you can’t find someone on SRK to sell you an LS-32-01-SC, FA’s trying to see if they can order me one. You might be able to send them an e-mail to ask about it, too. More demand = higher probability of success?


Thanks. I’ll give them a hollar.


Thanks Chikalin! FA is going to order them for me with your order. To whomever else wants these it looks like now is the time to get your orders in. Just as FA if they will pick you one up.


( tagging @nendo @hibachifinal‌ @Moonchilde‌ @darksakul to see if y’all wanted them too )


i was impatient, i got them in release, i have two in stock to be used lol. thanks though.

also about ps-15-gx… do you mean ps-14-gx? the long discontinued buttons with rg/reed micros? because if so good luck with that. i only have ps-14-gxn and theyre pink.


yes. typo. will fix. tyvm


your best bet would be finding someone with a stock condition PANA (TWIN?) or VEGA 9000DX supergun., they both have old-as-hell PS-14-GX, but microswitch change should fix it, only issue is they’re like, red and blue plunger, meant to match aero city’s.


Thanks for tag but I never liked LS-32 much. I’ll pass. I really want one of those electric lemon balltops though!


No worries m8. Just trying to help.


bump for new wants


I think I have what you’re looking for. Does it need to have sides and bottom panel? I have one with a broken latch on the cable door. The door still holds closed fairly well and can be opened with about the same effort as a brand new one.


Pics and ill let You know. it is just the part where the start and select the button plug into so it is that full frame I know that bottom part comes into pieces it is one of the pieces let me know tyty


I only need the part that houses the start and select button I do not need the cable compartment nor the cable door nor the side panels only the big piece of plastic where the start and select button go I hope I am being clear it is sort of hard to describe


Understood. I have a case for you. PM me and I’ll pull it out later. :giggity:


Ty. Price or tade?


Oops, NENDO got first.

Here, for you.


Price or trade?


I just realized I could use the cable compartment too. I don’t need the actual cable door, but I could use the cable compartment for another rj45 drilling =)



Not sure if this is more suited to your needs but you can check it out.

Established seller in the trading outlet has some TE gutted cases for sale.


Thank you. I think I will go with jdm
endo first, as that guy is sort of spendy. 60 for a shell is sort of spendy when i can get a full mvc2 stick here for 75 lol