Plz halp :( Some worries going into my first wiring job (silent stick/PS360+) updated with pictures


Recently I bought a PS360+, sanwa silent JFL/Buttons from Arcade shock, and a designer case from

The case is finally finished and should be arriving shortly. Meanwhile JDM714 helped with wiring the silent JLF/buttons to a Madcatz Soul Cal stick.

In anticipation of its arrival, I’ve gone over the items that I’ve ordered to prep for what is my first ever custom anything, and have come to a few… bumps in the road. Pics going into detail of each problem will be posted later on after I get some sleep (I play way too much dota)

  1. I bought a daisy chain ground wire harness seen here: It says that I can trim where needed, but then does that mean I can take an ordinary pair of home scissors and cut the last 2 off? I dont need like… specialty cutters?

  2. I’ll take pics later to better explain this one. Basically if you’ve seen the silent stick before, you know that the wiring for the PCB of the stick is a bit… different. Seeing as though the Initial wiring is very short, and that, according to the arcade shock website, sanwa denshi’s official harness is not compatible with the Silent JLF, Can i use the harness that is inside the Soul Cal stick that I plugged my silent JLF into? Both sides of the joystick harness are a female 5-pin plastic piece. What i was thinking of doing is, cutting one side of the 5 pin harness, stripping the wires using an ordinary wire cutter, and using that as a make shift Male end harness.

Thoughts, ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated! thanks you.


Can you give the exact model of joystick? If it’s the older one it just needs a .187" to 5 Pin conversion harness ( I believe. If you ordered from arcadeshock it should have come with the appropriate harness.

Oh and yes, you can just cut it.


yeah, you can cut it, but i’d tape it after with an electrical tape or something so it doesn’t short anything else.

and for your second question, it is a different harness, but it’s doable with the current one if you’re comfortable with soldering it directly. Personally, I’d buy some wires and use those instead of cutting the harness just in case you need it down the road as backup or something


I am using the PS360+ board, so its solderless, I can just strip the wire from the cut end of the harness and insert it in the screw terminal right?


Yep, that how it works.


alright, thank you! :slight_smile: Can you do me a favor and go over the pictures and tell me that again? just to make sure you and I had the same idea o.o;;;


just saw the pictures… you’re correct, just cust the end of the harness, and you’re good! no pictures needed… i’d just label them prior so you’ll know which one to plug in to


Yep. Just strip the wire and insert them in the ps360+ joystick slots.