Plz help me get a TE stick

Hi guyz,I am from india.I am a big fan of SF4 series.Currenty I play on PC only.As AE came,I am looking seriously into learning.(now I have a logitech rumblepad).
My problem is I cant find any store to buy a MADCATZ TE STICK here.Can any1 plz plz suggest me from where I can get it online with minimum shipping cost. ships free to india but it is out of stock for months & Which1 to buy? for XBOX or PS3 to play on PC? Help will be hugely appreciated…

Play-Asia is also selling the Qanba Q4RAF, and apparently it’s in stock.
It uses the same quality Sanwa parts, the only thing it’s missing is Turbo, you won’t be disappointed.

Ya,It was there a month ago…now sold out.Im getting frustrated!!!

since it’s india cant you just buy the parts from a site like aki shop, and just outsource the workf or like a 1 dollar to build a stick?

I’m dead serious too and not being racist.

I don’t know if he can do that majin. I think he would be better off trying to hit one of the madcats deals or trying amazon. I can tell you my wife is from India and I think he might have a hard time finding someone knowledgeable about making a stick. He could also have somebody here in the states or England build him a stick if possible.

Thanks 4rply.I didnt know that it possible.googled it and i think i can do as u said.but there is another huge thing to pay in our county 4outsourcing that-‘TAX’.