Plz help me wit ROg



Hey guys I having real hard time wit lp lp lp lk to headbutt. But I can’t connect the headbutt. I have everything else but I can’t complete his combos. If any can help me plz send me a invt on 360 and I can show u what I having problems wit


Slow it down. Sounds like you’re probably mashing the cr.lp, cr.lp, too fast. If you cancel into the, the headbutt won’t come out. You have to link the to be able to cancel into headbutt. I was surprised when I finally realized how slowly you can actually do this combo


I used to do fast too but now I can do it well. Take your time brother.


You also appear to have a hard time with spelling words properly, with using the search function, and with checking the pinned threads for the information you need. Seriously, this question has been beaten to death already. It gets asked at least once a week. :rolleyes:

Quoting a post in the pinned Beginner’s Thread:

And here’s another thread on the first page. He asked almost exactly the same question you did.


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It’s kinda sad that we need the Boxer equivalent of these:



You can’t cancel cr.lp into


Uhhhhh… yeah you can, man. That’s why you can’t end with headbutt if you fucking mash from c.LPs to c.LK.


You can cancel cr.lp into, and that’s the problem that people have with this combo. They’re cancelling, not linking.

@ OP, you gotta slow down your inputs. Take just a fraction of time longer when you do cr.lp, and it should work.

Once you figure out the timing, you’ll be pulling it off all the time.


Oh I get it… trolling


Just pointing out, you also need a bit of down charge before you start the string.