Plz help with installing e-clip ls-32

how do you put the e-clip back on the seimitsu ls-32. i spent 2hrs trying to get it in.

they are designed to be used with snap ring pliers. home depot/lowes has them. you can always just replace it with an e clip, which can be found at home depot/lowes as well.

What I use is a couple of small key rings and pull outward on the ring while pushing downward onto the bottom of the shaft (shaft is upside down at this point). Constantly doing this may warp your retaining ring.

The e-clip used to replace it is a 7/11 I think. Either way it’s on

two long nose pliers might do, but if you have to go out and buy new pliers, you are better off getting a e-clip from HomeDepot Lowes or OSH.

Where would i find the e-clip at homedepot? is there a size i use ask for? Would they know what a eclip is? and i also need a e-clip for the SFTE stick

these are the ones i used. A buddy off these forums sent them to me. I put them on all my ls32’s.

Where would the E-clip be at home depot?

Maybe in the hardware aisle? I think that e clips are used in cabinetry and closet hardware. Just take your seimitsu c-clip with you to home depot, and get one that is the same size. Orchard Supply Hardware has them too.

just ask where the eclips are. Its a securing clip that in a shape of an E.