Plz Looking for a training partners.. Lets get better!



I am looking for training partners that are looking to up their game. I haven’t played since sf two so I am a newbie. I am easy to get along with and don’t complain. I want to have fun and get better. TY!
-Gt: SteadyHKBeast


GT —> ItsJustDaveP.

Hit me up. I’m always down to play


im always down send me a invite whenever your on


xbl: kakashi3000


I’d be down. I’m not very good either, though I get better each day, so maybe we could help each other out.

GT is Agoat944


Im down

Hmu with an invite bro, im down to get better too, im kind of a newbie myself.

GT-M40A3 Zamora


I would so be down. I’m gonna add all of you guys. I’m uber noob and I’m tired of getting booted outta endless battles because of it. GT - TR1GGERPR00F


GT: alumina1226XFV

im always down for training


I’m always down.

<---- GT


Thanks for the replies! I added you all :slight_smile:


add me if you like - mistergeJJ


Hey buddy add me as well!
Gt: DRF Sanity


If anyone would like to play, add me :slight_smile:
I’m pretty bad also
GT: Espada Tiburon


Not really noob, but im down to help out w/ some games.

GT: Mo0N_Knight


Avail anytime mon thru wed for ssf4. I am always lookin to level up.
Gt: northofthescar


I’m looking forward to play with anyone also. Send me a message and I’ll be up for it when I get the chance. Gamertag: RUEMASTER


Gamertag:SKSD send me a invite whenever.(:


My gamertag is AsTheWorldBurns

I’m strictly playing MvC3 atm so I am in need of training partners.

Send me an invite!




I’m also looking to get better. I’m not very good at fighting games but hoping to get better. Playing mostly MvC3 (got it today) but also have SSF4. So anyone is welcome to hit me up on XBL and we can practice!
GT- Crytone