Plz someone explain me this


1:23 FADC into ultra!?


oh ill explain you this

Basically he cancelled this dash and went into the Ultra.
It’s a technique used somewhat frequently by high-level Chun players.

i tried it…the ultra still orks even if u 2xpress forward (for dash)…nice to know…maybe i can use it somewhere.

normaly when my opponents shots a random hadoken i just do the ultra and its fine…dont see any use in this situation.cause my revenge dont fills up in this moment…so its just for style or what?:yawn:

It’s actually not for style (mostly at least) but in fact used to counter projectile spammers such as Sagat/shoto players. I mostly use this when I’m at full screen distance against my opponent. They tend to like to shoot projectile after projectile at you to keep you away/chip life away from block. So a good Chun player should be able to pick up on this and utilize her FADC (or dash) into Ultra. Being able to pull this off definitely makes your opponent cautious of doing such things in the future and gives you style points at the very least! :cool: Being a Chun player, one should definitely look to add this to their arsenal.

It’s useful because you’re usually forced to block the next FB after FADC forward. Shotos know this and throw FB after FB- so either you get to ultra them, or you scare them from throwing so many FBs and allow yourself to FADC forward to gain ground. It’s also useful without the FA to punish more easily from fullscreen.

Also, the focus absorb could potentially give you the revenge that you need to Ultra.

This is definitely a move I’d like to add to my arsenal. I’ve won quite some matches by punishing the projectile spam, although not at full screen.
Being able to do just that really makes Chun Li a whole lot more dangerous. What I wonder though, is anyone able to pull to move off with just a regular pad? I was never a stick user, but Im heaving problem executing some of the higher skilled combos. Or perhaps im just not high skilled enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Its definitely possible on pad, I’m not 100% consistent with it yet, but I can pull dash ultras on a pad with about 60% accuracy. And I’m still pretty scrub. Just keep practicing!

The dash ultra is mainly for opponents on the other side of the screen and pretty much just throwing projectiles, the dash makes the ultra full screen instead of just 3/4 of the screen. Takes timing and anticipation to get it down.

I actually learned about this like 2 weeks ago and i got it down packed. ive only used it once in an online match against a sagat. never got the chance to use it since then tho.