PnT Battleground 7 - Tampa/Brandon, Florida - 8/11


Street Fighter 4, PS3

Tuesday, August 11th, @6pm. Casuals @4pm.

Brandon Crossroads Play N Trade
2030 Badlands Drive, , Brandon
Florida, 33511
Off Lumsden Drive on Providence - near Old Chicago Pizza


Cost and Prizes:

  • $10 entry fee
  • Play n Trade will take pre-regs in person.
  • First place wins 50% of entry fees in store credit.
  • Second and third place prizes determined if there are enough entries.

Tournament Rules and Misc:

  • Double-Elimination
  • 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, (Finlas are 3/5 games)
  • Winner must keep their character.
  • Banned Characters: No
  • Special Rules: No
  • BYOC
  • There will be two stations set up to help keep the games going.

Hope to see you there.


Looking forward to it


shucks im in Tampa 14th - 28th


One week bump.


ill be there, and i think im still going to buy blazblue while im there, got some friends who want me to play.

edit: awesome casuals at 4, ill be there at 4 then


For Blazblue, just buy Pilgrim’s copy off him.

He hates that game. :rofl:


that would be awesome, but i kinda wanna use my store credit to buy it. If he wants somthing from pnt maybe we could trade or somthing.

Im gonna buy used if possible anyways



We’ll see if we can work something out.


Yeah you guys let me play it at the last tourney and i just didn’t really feel like putting any effort into learning it; i just wanted to play casuals in sf4 lol.

Maybe if there is nothing you want, they could simply transfer some of my store credit to your name.


Maybe. I’ll bring it just encase.


Any SFIV tourny in Tampa but Xbox 360 console? I don’t have a PS3 (cause I believe the xbox is better but thats my opinion) so my arcade stick is in Xbox 360 but if anone knows of such a tourny in Tampa and is on the Xbox please let me know…

It would be my first tournament and I would like to experience it and get better…thanks


We originally played on 360, but PS3 led to more players (better D-Pad for pad players and more of us own PS3s).


I wanna swing by but i dont have a stick for ps3… what a bummer

ill see what i can do though


oh ok I see but too bad I don’t have a arcade stick for PS3 only for xbox but is any tournament in Tampa area like inside tampa and if so when is the next one?


You know, i’m feeling generous; i’ll bring an extra stick for anybody who needs one to use. I want to get as good a turnout as possible, and if this will help, i’ll do it.

It will be a T5 stick + Inpin converter. I have put a Sanwa Octogonal gate in it as well.

Nobody’s borrowing my TE stick, though. :arazz:

Also, I don’t plan on making it a habit to haul extra sticks around.


sweet, I’ll show up then in hopes of being able to use an extra stick

Im gonna get my TE dual modded asap


Also, to any other Brandon area players that look at this thread: join our Battleground Brandon usergroup!


One more BUMP!


gg’s to everyone i played, i didnt get to play everyone but hopefully ill get to next time.

Thats 2 wins in a row for me :slight_smile:

Btw pilgram, you are someone i fear at every tourny. ill be scared of you when you get that RSF loop down.


Yeah, GG to everyone. I really need to start studying Balrog matchups more.

Congrats to Ohsuplol.