PNT BEST OF GLENDALE SF4 - Glendale, CA - (05/02/09)

I know this is very short notice but PnT of Glendale just asked me to post up some sort of advertisement for their upcoming tourneys for SF4.

Play N Trade
134 S Brand Blvd, Glendale - (818) 956-5792

Saturday, May 2nd.
Sign-ups start at 11:00 am
Tournament is most likely to start around 3pm
(i have no say on this, it’s all on the manager, i’ve pleaded and pleaded for him to host it later on but he just won’t do it.)

Double Elimination!
Matches will be best 2 out of 3 (losers’ bracket single match ONLY until Top 8)
All characters are accessible and legal to play.

Entry Fee:
From what’s been going on, last tourney had the entry fee at $7 ($5 to pot + $2 venue)
But i am trying to reduce it do $5 ($4 to pot + $1 venue)

Please help me out because I’m going to co-host this event and I ALWAYS try my best to show up to AI and Denjin tourneys.
Show Vicious some love!

I’m down, co-host the living crap out of it man! I’ll try to be there for sure. And yeah that is pretty freaking early to have a tournament…all of us be freaking playing with our eyes half closed.

ugh why so early :frowning:

the manager is ridiculous!
i talked to him for about an hour straight asking him to extend the tourney time to around 3pm ish but iono he thinks he won’t get any good business,

iono man. do what you guys want lolz. in the mean time im gonna try to extend the time still. f**k my life, imma just leave it to shoo aka “MEXICO” to handle tournies lol

Lol, what an unreasonable man. Its alright I guess, going to try my best! Are you entering or you can’t since your co-host?

damnit, during class =(

um im actually allowed to play cuz i hosted last time, and yeahhh
i was the “Bonus Round”. meaning i played the grand finals winner and if they beat me i’d pay for their entry fee to EVO this year as a bonus prize.
but yeah he lost to me. i just wanted to play others. :sweat:

Yo I’m down to go…bt I dnt wanna drive over there if there are no entrants…since its all last minute. Do u have any idea of how many people will show?

thats why i put a contact number:blush:

Awwwwww man I wish you woulda put this up earlier this week!!

I’m gonna try and see if I can still make it along with some friends.

sorry i tried but PnT failed on letting me know how they’re gonna organize their tournies.

okay i was retarded and looked at the 2nd of of april, but i may be able to actually make it. ill try

lol good cuz i was about to ask, who has class on saturdays? lol!

crap im gonna miss this one again. goin to vegas. guess ill just wait for denjin/ai tourneys

Attention all!
New time has been set for this tournament!