Pnt best of glendale sf4 results - (05/02/09)


To all those who came out, thank you for the great support you all did very well.
For all those who said they’d come but didn’t, i understand due to the Pacquiao fight lol but it wasn’t worth it due to Hatton getting WHOOPED IN TWO ROUNDS SON!

anywho it went down like thisss!!!

1st Place: OnlineTony213
2nd Place: Vici0us
3rd Place: Hugo101
4th Place: Shglbmx

Sorry shgl, maybe next time.

as for tony, ughhh. i need to practice more…


yyeeessssss!!! YOSH!!! LOL
Its gonna come back jeremy…

in the next tourney we face…I bet ur gonna take me out…

it always happens…


i plan on doing so, lols.
i’ve been practicing my ken matchups :smiley: