PNT Danbury -We're at it again- 2/7/10

I know, I know this is Superbowl sunday but as incentive. I’ll have the game on the big 52incher in the store. AND I’ll see about getting chips and drinks for you guys…for free.

Beside what better way to watch the game then by playing some rounds at the same time?

Hopefully I see some familiar faces and some new faces, and the faces of those who couldn’t make it.

I’ll be running HDR this time. I figure 8 tvs. 4 running HDR and 4 running…IV.

See ya then!

Place: Play N Trade Danbury
1 Padanaram Rd. (in the North Street Shopping Center)
Danbury CT 06811

Games: Street Fighter IV and HDR
System: Xbox 360 (HDR may have 2 PS3’s)

Price: $5 Venue Fee ($10 if you decide to show up at like 12:55)
$5 buy in for each game (put into pot)

Prize: 70/20/10 split of pot
Paid in CASH!
Play N Trade Danbury: Rules

Play style: 1v1

Double Elimination

Game Mode: Versus

Match: Best of 3 fights (Finals are best of 5)

Round Time: 99 seconds

Stage: Random

Handicap: Off

Tournament Style:

  • Personal equipment such as arcade sticks are allowed
  • Any controller supporting macros or auto repeat are NOT allowed
  • Any use of game exploits, such as cheats, will result in disciplinary action up to and including disqualification from the tournament
  • In the event of a double KO, the round will count towards the overall match total unless the double KO occurs when both players have 4 rounds won; in this event, the match will be replayed starting from 0-0 with both players using the same characters.

Store Opens at 11.

Sign ups at 12.

Tournament starts PROMPTLY at 1PM.

Please pre-reg with me so I can have a basic headcount.

My work email is : if you have any questions

I’m there

Will most likely be there, pending super bowl plans.

I’m there this time btw those matches were awesome man

I’ll be there again Kyle but you already knew that, except this time I doubt me and John will be making another 6ft sub again haha

The day after my birthday. I will be there.

tempest you were the one playing vega were you?

haha. So glad I had you guys stream that match. Something told me Walrus vs Tempest would be intresting.

I added a poll. If you guys could let me know what you think, that’s awesome.

I personally don’t feel I’m that good at the game and a cheap entry fee (and the appearance of is why I showed up. I gained experience without having to come out of my pocket too much. But…, that’s just me.

ROFL. I’m assuming I can’t change my vote… I just read “$10 buy in + $5 venue” and said yes. But I re-read the question more carefully… so when looking at the poll just -1 to “yes” and +1 to “no, I wouldn’t mind”.

I certainly didn’t expect to pull out this win and if I go to the next one it’s going to be a toss up again for me with all the good players that could show up. But after driving three hours (six hours round trip) $10 buy in would make the trip worth it. Also, as a higher buy in fee may losses interest of some players, it always gains the interests of players. Notably NYer’s who think they have a higher chance of winning it. And I’m all for playing more high level players.

im all for a higher pay out but not if it discourages too many people from entering

and maybe u should change the wording for the poll haha

hi this is dan “ILU bridget”, that was my first time entering a tournament and it was a lot of fun getting my free ass ryu bodied live for the internet :smiley:

the venue is ten minutes away from my house and i dont follow football so i will probably show up again :slight_smile:

i’m a scrub, but having never played on LCD screens, the frame lag was way worse than i expected. damdai was also complaining about the laggy tv’s. this might be asking too much but ideally i think most players would rather play on CRT’s or even hdtv’s. i’m pringles to LCD lag.

15$ is fine for me, it’s great to graduate from a stream monster to a pot monster

p.s. realyst dont be so humble bro, you’re probably the best blanka on the east coast

also congrats to asiantom and min you guys played great and your sets were mad hype :smiley:

I can’t edit the poll what the hell?

And with the lag issue. Did you guys find that it was on all of the tvs or was it just on the one that the stream was on?

the one that the stream was on was pretty bad… i did a fireball and low fierce came out… i was like “oh god…” and when i tried to plink after forward fierce into low fierce~low strong ex tatsu nothing but a sweep came out because of the frame lag rofl… it was a mess. :smiley:

im pretty sure the stream tv had worse lag than the others. the other tv’s were slightly easier to get used to.

Hmm, personally I didn’t find the TV’s (even the streamed one) to be that bad. They were a bit laggy, but only a bit and I’d play on them again.

yeah, i probably would have gotten used to it after a couple more games, but i’m garbage anyway lol. not really worth seeking out a bunch of CRT’s to replace them :smiley:

actually i prefer crts over lcds any day

but thats asking for a lot

only question I got is were all you guys playing on stick or did some people play with pad because I’m currently a pad player but I want to be able to play with a stick but since I’m not able to use one currently because I’m poor as hell to buy one and practice I want to be at my best and use a SFIV brand pad at the tournament so back to my question were people aloud to use a pad if they brought one in?

also Asiantom that match with CP i believe was awesome i loved how you got the super into ultra link and beat him with that Oga that was an awesome match and congrats on winning

Everyone was on sticks that I know of. But if you got a pad, I have no problem with you using it.

And I’ll see what I can do about CRTS. even if it’s just one or two.