PNT Pomona SF4 Tournament

We are having a Street Fighter 4 Tournament on April 25th at 4PM
Location: PlayNTrade Pomona
66 Rio Rancho Road, Pomona CA, 91766
Prize: Depends on how many people sign up
100 store credit if at least 15 people sign up
if more then that sign up there will be something extra(suprise)
It will be on 360 an we will have arcade sticks for you to use
It will be best 2 out of 3 on five rounds
If there is any more questions i missed go ahead and feel free to ask

So come down and check us out and see if you are the Ultimate Street Fighter

I will be winning this again!

hahah yea most likely…i am going o practice like crazy this time thou…and my brother is pretty good


How do I join this tournament?

All you have to do is come in to the store and sign up

Can we bring our own sticks as well?

yes you can bring your own sticks

Can I use PS3 joystick on the xbox?

dam why r these tournys far from my place 30 minutes to far for me to walk lol

haha no i dont think ps3 works on 360

There may be a Arcade Infinity Ranbat tomorrow and I may not be able to show up :[ I will find out whats up tomorrow.

whats an arcade infinity ranbat?

and there is a play n trade and the ranbat on the same day???

I don’t like to use the joysticks at A.I. I just can’t get used to only have 3 buttons per row instead of 4 like the home joysticks.