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I’m new here (just read never post) but I’m a newbie 2D fighter player from Bellingham, WA. I had the pleasure of playing sf4 in Japan last summer and I just kinda stuck with it. I played HD Remix for awhile but it was my first 2D fighter that I played for any length of time till the stateside SF4 release.

Since then I’ve been trying to constantly improve my game. After getting my ass kicked for a long, long time, I’m finally getting the hang out of it and I’m hoping to take my game to the next level.

Currently I’m sitting at 7600GP. Not amazing, but not totally terrible. I main Blanka.

IzzyfoShizzy666 is my ID. Actually it’s not mine, it’s my roommate’s who also plays (blanka), though more casually than I do.

I’m happy to play anyone of any skill level and any character. My heavy kick button is broken though…=/

dead format

jalapNo :o



though I really try to avoid playing sfiv online

cool added you all

Divine Sytha

I don’t really play SF4 very much tho.


I’m working on my Balrog and need some people to throw myself against. Down for SF4 anytime I’m online.


I play Dhalsim, Viper (terribly straightforward), Seth, Bison (my current project), and Rose.

I know my flaws with all the other characters. I want to learn BISON. BISON. I KNOW some of you jerks play Bison as a main. I need to get in on some training matches. I think Bison is the shit.

*Edit: Elliot, you play ACFA? I was so dope at that game before I tried to give it away and had it stolen. You ever play any of the older ACs?

Brent0B0x - The "0"s are zeros.

Awesome Jones.

I think you can tell which character I mainly play.

S B1ade

I’m on GFWL and 360. I have PS3 version but I honestly don’t play it very much.



Wenzelsaurus. Now accepting 5 bar connections.

Looks like Sagat.

The Pasqual

SFIV: Rose/Random Box
SC4: Don’t know.
VF5: Lion
BB: Bang/Carl/Taokaka
KOF12: Don’t know.

Also playing GH/RB/N+/Ikaruga/Halo/TF2 and whatever else.



Changed my xbox live ID. No longer using my roommates.