Pocket Fighter Strats

Just got pocktet fighter for the playstation. Who is top tier? Any infinites? Heh. heh. just kidding. Is there any strategy to this game or is it just whack-a-mole. Well either way its lots o fun. Plus its helping me get my girlfriend to learn how to play street fighter. =)

In my opinion Gief rules that game, he can get huge damage off a wall throw into air throw, a superjumping splash controls the air, pokes has huuge range, and then theres the supers to worry about.

The girls are the next most powerful, then the rest of the boys after that.

At least thats my opinion from playing Pocket Fighter against my friends alot, so dont take it too seriously.

I haven’t played this game in about a year, but I remember that Hsien-Ko and Akuma are top tier, then along with people like Morrigan, Ibuki, Felicia, etc, basically most of the girls. Tessa is kind of the worst (actually I think she is the best, but she is a favor of mine, so I’m biased, lol).

The overall strategy of this game is to find character’s safe FCs and easy ways to set up tick throws. Since there is no block damage in this game, it can become more turtle friendly than other games.Or you could just get Hsien-Ko, build meter and do her unblockable trap, lol.

use multi-hitting supers that give you more gems so you can hit harder. ex:Ryu’s punching super.

Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion is (IMO) one of the better supers in the game, easily comboed, does good damage, and releases enough gems to gain back the meter needed to do it.

Akuma’s unblockable FC is too good though, gave my friend fits with this.

For most of the shotos, lvl 1 uppercuts are better than lvl 2 or 3, better priority, much less recovery.

Can U explain some more about the Akuma’s unblockable.

I’m guessing he is talking about the Flash Combo that ends with his Special Throw. All characters can do this, but for some reason, Akuma seems to pull his off the fastest.

You could jump out of it, but then the opponent could opt for the Leo sword uppercut finish to pop them in the air as they try to escape (unblockable since Akuma is still on the ground).

Here’s Zangief’s 40-100% combo of doom. You need at least one Poison ball:

Do the wall throw (f or b + PK), and when they bounce off the wall, throw a Poison ball. Then you could either:

  • repeat if you have any Poison balls left
  • dash forward and do wall throw into air throw
  • dash and Spinning Piledriver (use this instead of the above if you have level 3)
  • dash and Final Atomic Buster
  • Heavy Bite super (I don’t use this though)

Doing the wall throw into Poison ball throw three times and then following with a Level 3 Spinning Piledriver or Final Atomic Buster kills anyone. This combo is inescapable once you connect with the wall throw (considered a special and can’t be teched) with the exception of the Mega Crush (P+K+S) escape.