Pocket Monster D/P Money Matches@ Evo

So Matrix asked me to post up and see who…out of the many that play this game, going to Evo will take any side bets in Diamond and Pearl. Matrix says he will put up $20 or more. I’ll take a few as well. Just take your pick between Yipes, Justin, myself, Matrix, Mike Infinite, Flash ??? all have the game.
Any takers!?

Marn do you still wanna play me for $20?


Your ass better have a TF tournament at world or I’ll BREAK ALL YOUR POKEMANS.


Ill money match some of you guys

No ubers and no double team is how I play!!

I finshed my team so I’m looking fowerd to beating u guys down. Justin I no u got some broke shit…

Thats game Smooth! :slight_smile: See you soon.

Your angry post reminded me of something. Check PM’s!

Ya not seeing ms.2piece mang…word

Yipes you gonna bounce out Scoops!? :rofl:

As long as standard clauses are enforced, I’ll defitnetly be down for some mm.