Podcast review/discussion of Sirlin's Yomi FG card game


Yomi is a card game by David Sirlin that simulates/recreates/interprets an FG. We discussed it on the latest HatchetJob.com podcast. I’m the guy that did a 1.5hr interview with Sirlin back in July.

Our audience isn’t an specifically an FG one, so this is kind of a basic review. We talk about core concepts, a few mechanics, what it’s like to play and so on.
I give an (simplified) example of baiting an opponent in the game and also cover things like normals and specials, though I don’t call them that.

I’ve a few hundred hours playing S/SFIV, and the other voices you’ll hear come from a FG virgin (basically) and an SSFIV/BlazBlue player.

Skip to 37.30


I wasn’t sure if this should go in FG or general discussion, but I guess that’s a potential topic in and of itself.

I talk about punches in the game, but i was using it as a synonym for attack.


If you want to try it for free:

Fantasy Strike

Is where you go


cool, i like yomi


TBH I’m more interested in the progress of the actual fighting game.