Podcasting/Video Podcasting Equipment Thread

So, I’m going to start a video podcast/podcast and live interviews/streams on SDTEKKEN site.

It’s going to cover new arcade sticks/sneak peaks, TEKKEN stuff (obviously) and other fighting game community news/interviews.

I wanna make it nice. What would people recommend for the actual podcast mics?

Also what would you recommend for mics when at events (prefer wireless) and plugs into cameras/HD cams.

I’ll be using this stuff soon, for PAX and other special events (TEKKEN launch) soon after.


No replies. :s

I don’t know much about audio, but I do know that wireless mics cost a fortune. All I use now is a standard wired $50 sony microphone into my camcorder (Cannon HG20). If you’re forced to go that route make sure you have a sturdy arse tripod.

Found this, looks exactly what you’re looking for.

I haven’t done a podcast, but wouldn’t a headset mic be the easiest? Would keep the mic at a constant distance from the speakers mouth, so you don’t get that fade effect when people turn their heads.

Regarding software, what is recommended or what do people use?

Using audacity.

I use Audition for sound editing/scrubbing. Audacity should be fine for a podcast.