Done my Google due diligence. Doubletap seems to be the only active one.

Any others?

Any current archives of gootecks or wakeupsrk?


[Ultrachen] still does semiregular shows, though the haven’t broadcast in a while

Super Desperation Radio is still active. it’s usually once a week and the archives are on iplaywinner youtube channel.
House of Strikes is a 3s one by east coast players (though I suppose it’s actually videos, not really podcasts)

The Show That Sucks was active until a couple months ago, there’s also a long list of their archived episodes on iplaywinner.

someone make a podcast with me.


you can thank me later.

The Late Shift with lopedo, a recent DOA podcast with a different guest each time (first one was MC Kwiggle aka SonicFox’s brother, second one Matt Ponton aka FreeStepDodge.com’s administrator)

Thanks all for the suggestions!

Double Tap

ATP (Avoiding The Puddle) (dunno if they do the stuff live)

CrossCounter/Gootecks (mostly on Twitch)

VesperArcade’s podcast (doesn’t really have a schedule but does discuss important news, mostly SF5 related)