Podium or Adjustable Table for Stand Up Arcade Gaming


I have been gaming a lot more while standing up, but for arcade games, I still have to sit down. I wonder what the community does when they want play standing up but don’t want to give up using a regular controller.


Wire shelving would probably be your most economical option.


Well this is SRK so it’s sticks or nothing.
But seriously, if you want to stand up and you got a game pad then stand up.


Do you mean something like this? 1.bp.blogspot.com/_QLzN6CnvEGE/TUh87T2466I/AAAAAAAAAdQ/BN553LMm42g/s400/KLX+157.jpg

I have actually been working on something very modular. A 2 player Viewlix base without TV that is adjustable from sit down height to stand up height. Still in the process of prototyping that. But I am almost finished with a 2 player half stand at 40"" with 2 Puzzle piece controllers that lay into it. So the stand makes it a 2 player half cab, but 2 puzzle matched controllers can be removed and used separately.


That’s a much nicer option, but also a much more expensive one. I was talking about something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Whitmor-6054-585-Supreme-Stacking-Chrome/dp/B0007MHD24/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1401159712&sr=8-11&keywords=wire+shelving


Wouldn’t that be wobbly though?


Not necessarily. I replaced my computer desk with something like this and it is solid. You need to be sure you put it together solidly, and adjust the legs so that everything is flat and stable.

Not wobbly.


There’s always this.



As in this:

Or this?


an entire stream station made out of wire shelving.



my ghetto attachment build from left over wood attached to a regular shelf cost me

im going to have to take that idea


That is pretty slick, I might try that as well.


Third time to post that pic is the charm, huh @hibachifinal‌? I want to get a wire baker’s rack to make a make shift cab.



I’ll pass, thank you.


Say what you will but that wire hanging rack behind where the monitor would be would be great for organizing cables, precut wood shelf for monitor stability, basket storage on the bottom for sticks/consoles/whatever, AND it has a bottle rack for the booze of your choice. All for only around $80…


Don’t get me wrong I like the concept, I am just not seeing myself using a wire rack.

Now someone showed me a writing desk from Ikea (or something)that is perfect.
He got it as it keep his girl friend happy. He wanted a cab she said no, the “ikea thing” was the compromise.

I told him he should of gotten a Cocktail cabinet, its still a cab, but it can still look classy in the living room.
The thing can double as a table.


I think I would cover at least the sides with MDF and try to hide most of the wire. I have a Vewlix panel that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. This is up there on my list of options.


Do you have a picture of this writing desk from Ikea, or what it is called? Also, for the wire shelving option, is there one just at the perfect height? Standard vewlix cab height to the controls is about 28 inches.


No, I don’t have a pic, he didn’t told me what its called or know where he got it from. And I don’t even know if it actually from ikea, it just looks like it could be from ikea.

The wire shelf should be adjustable

Ignore Vewlix specs, for some people 28 inches is too short. Instead size your stand to accommodate for your size and comfort.


It’s old (from 2008), but I just saw this during a Google search for cocktail cabinets:


Holy crap I want to build one of these now.