Podsumaki Episode 09: Mortal Kombat Special

On Monday, July 19th, 9.95, Dark Rob, and Tim Static were privileged enough to be asked to do an episode of the Podcast, Podsumaki, representing 2D MK players and the MK Community. Shock was supposed to be on, but unfortunately, could not make it. Next time though!

The episode is very long… almost 2.5 hours long. It’s worth a listen as the podcast is funny, and very informative.

Taken from:

Destructoid - Podsumaki’s Community Blog

Today is a very special episode with some very special guests. We’ve got three moderators and tournament players from three Mortal Kombat websites. They came on to discuss the classic games, the potential behind the Mortal Kombat reboot, and the recently growing Mortal Kombat tournament scene.

Your friendly neighborhood Wry Guy is running short on time, so you won’t be getting any extensive notes. Be warned though. This episode is very, very long and is largely controlled by our guests. Don’t worry, we’re still there to talk bullshit. Unfortunately we were TOO WEAK against the incredible knowledge these guys throw at us.

Guest Hosts for this week: 9.95, Tim Static, Dark Rob
Guesting From: UltimateMK.com, ClassicMK.com, MortalKombatEmpires.com

Download Podsumaki Episode 09

Episode Highlights

  • Bulkmailer and Char Aznable get their listener questions answered by the MK pros
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, the tournament worthy Mortal Kombat we never knew about
  • The growing Mortal Kombat tournament scene
  • Analysis and fears of why the Mortal Kombat reboot may not be good


Thank’s again for bein on the show, guys ^_______________________^

Also, you might wanna just change the thread title to “Rob, 9.95 and Tim did a really informative MK podcast with some niggas” or something along those lines. Just so more people kinda “get it” at first glance lol.

“Rob, 9.95 and Tim did a really informative MK podcast with some niggas that haze mexicans despite all of them being mexicans.”

lmao u guys are crazy