Point/assist characters

What makes a character considered a point character and what makes a character more of an assist character? I’m asking because I don’t know if I can tell the difference and it feels like I keep all the same types of characters on a team.

A point character is generally considered to be one that can apply pressure and do high damage without needing to have several stocks of super meter.

An assist character is, well, one that you keep on your team primarily for their assist, and would be someone that you would rather not have out on point. Some popular examplies are Doom w/ Hidden Missiles, Haggar w/ Lariat, and Akuma w/ Hurricane Kick.

I thought the point character was the character whom you are controlling.

This is true, but I think that the OP wanted a more detailed answer, specifically as to why people use the terms “point” and “assist” when describing how and why they put together a team.