Point character for Keepaway

Hey all

I’ve seen a couple of people use keepaway strategies in the tournament circuit and it seems pretty cool.
When I use keepaway tactics, my team is Taskmaster/Dr Doom/Sentinel.

My question is this: What is your point character? And what assists do you use?

Ive seen DiosX use Storm instead of taskmaster. Is this change worth it? I haven’t used storm before and, to be honest, I don’t know how she handles.

At the moment, however, I feel that Tasky is my best character, and I’m not that strong with the other two…

Deadpool-B, Arthur-B/Sentinel-A, Haggar-A/Tron-B

Taskmaster, Dante, Magneto, Ammy and Trish are the best keepaway characters in the game. Wesker. Zero, Deadpool and Sentinel can do a bit of keepaway too, but not on the level of those 5. Storm is not a keepaway character, she can chip with her ice storm but her Whirlwind has been nerfed big time from what they were in MvC2. Doom’s keepaway is mediocre; again his air proton array which used to be his primary keepaway tool MvC2 has been nerfed too much. Don’t use Dorm, Chris and Arthur for keepaway, their keepaway game wouldn’t be a match for the other characters. If you are adventurous you can try Viewtful Joe, his Voomerang is highly underrated for keepaway.

Just because they don’t play like MvC2 doesn’t mean they don’t have keepaway, Plasma beam got buffed so much from MvC2.
Also Deadpool, Arthur, Dormammu, Chris are the characters most expressly designed for keepaway, when facing a good player using one of these characters the keepaway is so much better, due to their multitude of options, than basically all of the cast, as opposed to say Magneto who has Disruptor and good mobility.
For example Magneto can only cover the ground while Arthur and Deadpool can use jump Daggers or M guns to create a wall that cannot be jumped or crouched.

This is on the money.

Actually, Magneto can cover the air with well-spaced L Magnetic Blasts.

Well even taking that into account he lacks a good chip game and a L disruptor is not hit confirmable into a hyper, like say for Deadpool.

The characters that are designed for keepaway are inferior in that to the ones that aren’t. That’s one of the biggest joke of this game. What can Deadpool, Arthur, Dormammu and Chris do to DISRUPTOR!!! DISRUPTOR!!! DISRUPTOR!!! DISRUPTOR!!! DISRUPTOR!!! DISRUPTOR!!! ?

Deadpool: sj grenades, L guns, reg jump M guns
Arthur:Lances, powered up anything
Dorm: can trade with purification, super, explosion dark spell
chris:shoot the asshole with a magnum

I know you have to have a some brains to come up with tactics, but I mean a majority of you guys that think keepaway is worthless are either braindead or unimaginative

Now granted rushdown is realllllllly good and derpderp easy to do (wolverine), that doesn’t mean there isn’t a space for keepaway.

To answer the op, task is best for controlling screen space and punishing mistakes in your opponents positioning. If you think about it task can control the entirety of the screen (much like dorm), you just have to predict what they will do and respond with the correct arrow strength or even a shield skills.

Agreed. This is mostly because Taskmaster is one of the only characters who can control both vertical and horizontal space effectively. That said I think some of Chris’ better matchups are against other zoning characters.

Chris can also go into prone and shoot Mags in the foot. :rofl:

This is exactly what I mean the characters built for keepaway have more options, it’s just harder to play them as you have to keep these options and counters in your bag ready to whip out at all times.

I agree with that, his punishing is much helped by having an air hyper with a very useful angle.

dude what? doom has a great keepaway game. he has all sorts of tools to keep you out. plasma beam is the most durable projectile in the game. photon shot xx photon array controls the entire screen and pushes the opponent out, and of course hidden missiles can combo break you provided you cover doom with an assist. even the rocks are still an okay zoning tool to be used in similar fashion to the sentinel drones.

did you see DiosX play his zoning game at RevLAtions? doom coupled with sent drones and easy DHCs into storm for chip is seriously gdlk (and annoying, lol). that just goes to show that keepaway is still viable even in the primarily rushdown-heavy game marvel 3 is.

Let the trollin begin =)

best keepaway are Deadpool, Arthur, Dorm, chris, task, trish, ryu(on ground) anybody else is mediocre but beware of teleport and dash. doom, storm and magneto keep away is ass but can be effective against some character

the difference between this game’s keepaway and mvc2’s is that no character can mindlessly spam stuff on screen. just about every keepaway move in this game has a weakness of some sort so effective keep away requires much more strategic thought.

There’s a lot more options for people to get in, that’s the main issue.

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not using Doom to the best of his abilities, but most of the pros seem to use him as assist 1 with good effect. After all, his beam is pretty durable. But hey, just my opinion.

I saw that too, thats what gave me the idea of using storm. But im not that into majority chip damage, so I may give storm a miss after all.

I play a team just for fun its hulk, deadpool, and shuma. Shuma’s assist us amazing for keep away. I play hulk with mystic ray to help me get in then quick work for unblockables. Then when hulk is gone deadpool with gun spam and shima assist.

Pretty much a well timed teleport is the only thing getting around shuma’s assist. For whatever reason this team is super fun for me lol

Magneto, MODOK, Taskmaster is the keepaway team I’d like to learn to play some day.

They can win projectile wars and dominate close range. Their mobility and the ability to DHC glitch from one char to another makes it one of the strongest keepaway teams.

HonzoGonzo’s Tasky/Doom/Ammy is effective too.